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Member since 2006

Springwood Wellness Centre

Servicing area: Springwood, Queensland

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Springwood Wellness Centre offers a beautiful, relaxing environment to assist your healing process. With gentle, calming music we encourage you to relax and absorb the uplifting ambience. Trickling water, tropical fish and lush rainforest window gardens complete the healing atmosphere we have created for you.

Springwood Wellness Centre

Philip McCracken

Deep tissue massage, especially trigger point therapy for decreasing tension in tight or injured muscles. I have also had six years’ experience as a fitness consultant. I particularly enjoy working with upper back and shoulder pain, and addressing particular muscle problems in conjunction with chiropractic and other therapies.

Massage Therapy
One of the more pleasant ways to increase your health and wellness! There are many different types of therapeutic massage.
Listed below are the most widely used ones:

Swedish Massage - broad based strokes are used in a sweeping motion, to soothe away your stress and tension. Light to medium pressure is used, it is best for relaxation purposes.

Sports Massage - ideal for either pre or post sports to assist your muscles to be prepared for rigorous activity, and prevent injury.

Deep Tissue - a medium to firm massage most appreciated by those with muscular aches and pains. Gentle but firm manipulative pressure and stretching movements coax away tension from the connective tissue. It increases your energy levels and creates greater flexibility by removing adhesions caused by over-use or trauma. Equally effective for sports injuries or general muscular over-use.

All our highly qualified therapists use appropriate towel techniques for your comfort and dignity.

Qualification details

  • Diploma Swedish Massage Therapy 1992
  • Cert - Advanced Massage Techniques 1992
  • Cert- Structural Alignment Techniques 1993
  • Cert - Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 1993

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