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Staley Health
Staley Health believes in empowering the individual to transparency; allowing realisation of your full potential.

Staley Health - Meditation

Meditation provides the mind with the ability to be still and calm.

Meditation provides the mind with the ability to be still and calm. As we let go of the tensions in our body, the brain makes endorphins, DHEA, human growth hormone, serotonin and a number of other hormones and neuro-chemicals related to relaxation, stress release and wellbeing. When the brain produces these chemicals it gives us clarity, calmness and contentment. It also enables us to stabilise our emotions making our quality of life happier, healthier and more fulfilling. So the saying is true "A healthy mind is a healthy body".

When practised at least twice a day, meditation is excellent to act as a doorway to the subconscious mind, healing any deep emotional traumas (suffering) or pain that is otherwise unable to be accessed through the conscious mind. Meditation also gives us the ability to keep aligned with our conscience. We then have the ability to make wise life choices and act according to our true nature, conscience or intuition. When we still the mind, we heal and connect to the vastness that is within us all.

Community Meditation Group
at Torquay Community House

Staley Health run a Community Meditation Group at the Torquay Community House from 8:30am to 9:30 every Saturday during the school terms. Cost is a gold coin donation. To book simply call or text Nikki on 0400 497 024.

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