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Servicing area: Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath, Wentworth Falls, Medlow Bath, Ballaburra, Linden, Blue Mountains NSW

For All Of Your Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy Services, You Can't Go Past Us Here At Starflower Apothecary.

Starflower Apothecary - Naturopathy & Homoeopathy


Naturopathy, is a practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the human mind and body. By integrating conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicines, naturopathy treats the patient's mental, emotional and physical states for a lasting effect.

The foundation of Naturopathy is the philosophy of the "healing power of nature". This means that the body has its own healing energy within and with the help of naturopathic treatment, the body can repair itself and recover from illness if it is in a healthy and supportive environment.


Herbal Medicine is still the first choice in many cultures, being successfully used for thousands of years. Herbalists prepare unique treatments, after consultations with clients that will include discussions about lifestyle, medical history and nutrition. Clients may be treated through the use of teas, capsules and tablets, extracts and tinctures, essential oils (Aromatherapy) and various other herbal preparations.


Derived from two words meaning ‘similar’ (homeo) and ‘suffering’ (pathos), homoeopathy is a healing modality developed in the late 1700s by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Medicines are selected according to the law of nature – law of ‘similars’. The most carefully selected medicines are a perfect solution to weakened organisms or especially sensitive people, children and the elderly.

Please note: All cancelations require 24 hours notice. Please note that cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will incur a cancellation charge equal to the cost of your scheduled treatment. We regret having to do this, but our therapist time is valuable and it is usually impossible to fill cancelled appointments at such short notice.

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