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Elise Carr M.A.

Prahran VIC 3181

Servicing area: Melbourne, Australia & Globally

Sacred Guidance ~ Like Psychology for the Soul | Tantra | Healing

StellaMuse: Sacred Guidance ~ Like Psychology for the Soul

The blending of what I offer you is Like Psychology for the Soul for women, men & couples 

Combining psychological & modern knowledge with the spiritual science of the Ageless Wisdom, soul guidance, love and unwavering dedication.

Honouring your physical / sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual layers; what has brought you to where you are today and what needs healing, releasing and guidance.

Holding a Master's in Communications, Cultural Politics and Women's Studies and as a Guide of the Sacred Spiritual & Psychological I also combine my skills as an Integrative Coach, Dedicated Student of The Ageless Wisdom & Esoteric Mysteries, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner Reiki Master. And host of 'Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse' podcast.

I don’t work by any book or as a typical guide, psychologist or counsellor. I work blending the Eastern mysteries & Western sciences, with the impulse of soul in harmony with mind and heart. One on one with you and your highest purpose and potential.

With extensive knowledge, unwavering presence, Love, fierce dedication and spirited insight, I guide those ready away from old patterns habits, addications, illusion & suffering and into a life of Truth, Love~Wisdom and authentic Beauty. Healing, Balancing and Harmonising the physical body, emotions and heart with the clarity of mind. Guiding you further along a more genuine path and deeper into knowing Yourself, as Soul.

I know how to assist you in illuminating the dark night passages that visit everyone’s life. I also sense and unearth your points of energetic stagnation and what traumas, fears, illusions and glamours of your personality are holding you back. Guiding you to meet these, confront them, work through, heal and rise above by diving deep within.

We work together to fulfil highest desires. But beyond that, we work at unlearning what doesn't serve. Letting go of what you have outgrown to awaken your unique essence, your soul quality that makes you unlike any other. So you can live and radiate from your most authentic place. So you can grow from here, and share your light with all those you love and serve.

This approach is a soul enriching, core shaking, powerful journey within, which ripples out to your entire life. It can be a vulnerable, hauntingly beautiful, therapeutic and transcendental experience of liberation. From profound ‘Ah ha’ moments, realisations, to breakthroughs that transform from a personality/ego level to an energetic level of higher vibration.

This is your opportunity to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

This life changing shift invites you to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and beyond. The choice is yours. If you are ready to evolve for the greater good I am here to guide you there.


"Elise's method of counselling is unrivalled"

"...she creates a safe and sacred container for individuals to thrive and connect. It is obvious she truly cares about her clients and is highly trained and well-equipped to serve in this space. Each individual feels heard and understood, and it often feels as though she is reaching into our hearts and voicing the words we feel too afraid to speak, but are so necessary for healing."

~ Courtney J. - Journalist 


"Clear Channel...of Sacred Healing Wisdom"

"I can't express enough gratitude for the insights and the healing that our sessions have provided me. Thank you, and bless you, for being such a clear channel, and such a fiercely committed cultivator of sacred healing wisdom. Kudos, gratitude and love to you." 

~ James A. - Doctor. 


"Opened a whole new world"

"I was looking for more within myself and wanted to heal trauma that I had experienced which I knew was holding me back from being the best version of me. When I came across Elise, it was and is the best decision I took to work with her through my hurdles. Being in her presence itself is an ultimate uplift. Elise gently and lovingly guided me to come back to my true authentic self, helping me love myself again in the most nurturing way. Elise has also given me the tools to continue with my journey. My path with Elise is not finished as it has opened a whole new world for myself that I am excited to continue with her." ~ Kylie A.


"Transformational change"

"Wonderful, loving, transformational change. My mind, body, heart and soul are all in alignment and breathing again!" ~ Brett F.

Qualification Details

Featured on various national and international platforms including SBS World News, MindBodyGreen, MamaMia, The Sunday Times & Daily Mail UK, & SHAPE US. I am also a disciplined student of the Ageless Esoteric Wisdom/Occult Mysteries/Esoteric Psychology & Raja Yoga and a certified; Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master and Integrative Coach, as well as a Writer & Speaker. As a certified practitioner of advanced Kaula and Misha Tantra Tantric philosophy & Esoteric studies, and a devoted life student of The Ageless Wisdom | Esoteric mysteries who has trained with Tantra teachers, authentic White Tigress women, Qi Gong Masters, Medical Intuitives, Shaman, Yogis and Occultists I offer a rich immersion into the Tantric, Psychological & Sacred way – explored in a professional space of Light and Love.

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