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Stephanie Jarrett - 'Life Alignment'

Releasing Ancestral Trauma

A lot of my Life Alignment clients at the moment are finding that the issues at the root of their distress have been inherited from ancestors very often ancestors completely unknown to the client. (A Life Alignment session can throw light onto your ancestors stories so that they become as clear as day to you you simply know what you are carrying and are now able to release in a session.)

Grandmothers unresolved trauma and tragedy calls to you energetically and entrains with your own vibration, causing you to relive that story till it can be resolved. And you cant understand why you feel the way you do. Epigenetics is an exciting new field of scientific research that is revealing more and more about this.

Look at some of the issues that people had to deal with before the 21st century:

  • What happened to post-natally depressed women in sexist relationships at a time with little knowledge of psychology? What happened to their children?
  • What about the philosophy of spare the rod, spoil the child? How many child victims of severe abuse carried that trauma forward?
  • What about extreme poverty and the desperation that engendered?
  • What about sexual shame? (big one) the girl who was raped and pregnant, thrown out of the family (literally or metaphorically) for the shame of it.
  • What about the shame of sexually transmitted disease before antibiotics? Not to mention the physical residues of that.
  • What about sexual secrecy behind closed doors in homes, schools, orphanages, workplaces in the days of prudery and taboo?

These and other shames ended up as secrets in countless respectable families and we know how insidious secrets are!!

And then there was war! Perhaps not a secret shame but HUGE dark energy!

So when people do this work, decades or centuries of burdens can be released. I didnt expect that! they say, but it explains so much of my life.

And the wonderful thing is that if you release the charge that came from grandma (pa) you are releasing it for your children and grandchildren too and strange but true - you also do it for grandma.

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Stephanie Jarrett - 'Life Alignment'