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Step into Life The Ponds

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Kick start your health and fitness journey TODAY with our unique brand of Group Outdoor Personal Training. This is the perfect way to stay motivated by training in a fun group environment in the great outdoors!

Step into Life The Ponds

Personal Training in The Ponds

Your local personal training fitness expert in The Ponds. Step into Life The Ponds is conveniently located at The Plaza Park, The Ponds, NSW. Experience the benefits of Group Personal Training in the outdoors, a great motivating alternative to the gym and more than your regular boot camp. You will never get lost in the crowd and everyone knows your name! Kick start your fitness exercise and health journey with Step into Life The Ponds, Group Outdoor Personal Training.

About Step into Life The Ponds

Hi, I'm Raelene, and I'm your local Personal Trainer and owner of Step into Life The Ponds. Prior to launching Step into Life The Ponds, I was a proud Step into Life member for over 3 years, which saw me achieve so much that I had never thought possible previously - including running marathons! My love of training outdoors and passion for health and fitness saw me become a qualified Personal Trainer. I'm committed to helping you to achieve your goals as you experience the fun and benefits of Group Outdoor Personal Training with Step into Life The Ponds.

A motivating gym alternative, Step into Life The Ponds offers a range of Group Outdoor Personal Training programs for all fitness levels, including cardio, boxing, toning and yoga sessions. Whether your goal is weight loss or improved health and fitness, I'll be by your side every step of the way to provide the expert support and guidance you need.

Step into Life The Ponds caters for ALL fitness levels and it doesn’t matter if you have never exercised in your life. You will be motivated and inspired by your fellow team mates!

Why Train With Us?

That Extra Support You Deserve

Sometimes it gets tough staying on track with your fitness. It’s hard when you have to do it on your own. You feel like “life” just always gets in the way. It may have been a while since you attempted exercising and you just don’t know where to start.

If this sounds a little like you, consider giving Step into Life The Ponds- Group Outdoor Personal Training, a go. It’s that extra support you deserve.

Go on, do away with the crowded spaces, uninspiring equipment and overbearing instructors. Why not instead, exercise in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces this country has to offer? You will be training in a fun motivating group environment where everyone supports each other and you will never get lost in the crowd!

At Step into Life The Ponds it’s a real team atmosphere, where your team mates acknowledge your achievements and I will guide you to achieve your health and fitness dreams.

Your Nutrition Solution

We've joined forces with Matt O'Neill, nutritionist and speaker (AKA Mr Metabolism), to offer you Metabolic Jumpstart - a personal diet plan, report and powerful 4-week program to optimise your metabolism and assist you on your health and fitness journey.

Imagine the results you'll experience when you combine your Step into Life training program with Matt's real-foods and flexible nutrition program!

Sign up for Metabolic Jumpstart with Step into Life and you'll receive:

  • An expertly matched diet plan based on you metabolism and desired results

  • Powerful 4-week program with online coaching

  • A flexible food guide you can use for life

  • Access to the online discussion to ask Matt O'Neill questions and get advise

  • A detailed personal 16-page report showing your metabolic rate, calorie burning time and more!

Training Club – Step into Life’s goal setting program

Training Club is all about goal setting; achievement and acknowledgement.

Training Club is Step into Life’s own goal setting program and is all about giving you attainable goals, keeping you motivated and on track. Points are awarded based on the total amount of time you’ve personally invested in your training - for every Step into Life The Ponds training session.  You’ll work hard and you’ll earn points for time spent working up a sweat.

Every session you attend earns you 10 Training Club Points, it’s that easy! And once your reach each Training Club Milestone, your achievement will be acknowledged and celebrated amongst your Step into Life The Ponds team members – way to go!

Contact me for a FREE trial session and experience the benefits of Group Outdoor Personal Training in The Ponds today!

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