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St Kilda Osteopathy
Osteopathy provides “hands-on” treatment for your toddler, baby or child. Whether there are certain issues, or you just feel things are not quite right in areas such as settling issues, digestion, mood or eating, sleep, St. Kilda Osteopathy is able to help your baby.

St Kilda Osteopathy - Children's Osteopathy

Many symptoms and conditions mentioned below can be due to a traumatic birth from the use of vontouse or forceps delivery, position in utero, underlying system immaturity, tissue strains and congenital issues.

This is a unique area of treatment and at St. Kilda Osteopathy, Dr. Gaby Nowak is extensively experienced in working with and treating babies.

Common symptoms and signs your baby might be experiencing:
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Wry neck (neck rotation inclined to one direction only)
  • Hip dysfunction (congenital hip dysplasia) and associated strains
  • Reflux and digestion issues
  • Feeding difficulties including: suckling poorly, taking in a lot of air while feeding,  latching on to the breast or bottle, clicking sounds while feeding.
  • Flat head (plagiocephaly)
  • Sleep disturbances, poor sleeping
  • And more…

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