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Art Therapy - Taking you places to increase your self awareness.

Storm Insight - Art Therapy

Servicing area

Geelong, Barwon and Western Region of Victoria

Focus areas

Stress management Purpose Adolescents Love Self awareness Nervous system

Art Therapy is increasingly recognized as a powerful way for people to process various situations that may be experiencing either now or from their past. This can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and how you relate to the world. The creative processes undertaken can help to resolve issues, develop and manage behaviours, understand and manage feelings, reduce stress, increase self worth and assist in setting goals for the future. It is education for the senses, and allows people to work on both the known and the unknown.

Utilising various modalities such as collage, painting, guided drawing, claywork, sculpture, journaling, mandala work, Chris takes you on a journey of self discovery that can open your possibilities and have you recognizing opportunities for change and resolution. Whilst challenging at times, it can also be fun and immensely satisfying to have discovered the strength of your own abilities and to feel yourself developing resilience.

There is no requirement for someone to be an artist in order to engage with Art Therapy, and there is 'no talent required'. People might be cautious initially about expressing themselves through art, and whilst it may feel different, perhaps even awkward at first, it can be rewarding to express yourself this way. In fact the creative process can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of Art Therapy, and many benefit from discovering a creative outlet.

Current and emerging research around art and the brain, and somatically-based conditions, clearly demonstrates the benefits of using Art Therapy for stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and improvement in quality of life.

For example, discoveries are constantly being made around how our brain and our bodies respond to various situations of real or perceived danger and the implications for our health and well being as a result. Dr. Stephen Porges ( is a neuroscientist that has explored the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and social behaviour) developed the Polyvagal Theory. This theory is all about the connection between the mind, the brain, and the body, and how trauma disrupts this connection. Another pioneer in this field of sensory motor processing, Dr. Peter Levine has spent over 40 years studying the role of memory in relation to trauma. His work in exploring and understanding of the various ways in which people store memories has lead to the development of ways to revisit old memories without being "stuck" in them or reliving them.

The work undertaken at Storm Insight is informed by current and emerging research in how to support people to shift and change. By having a therapist facilitate, guide, witness and respond to an individual's process of expressing themselves through art, the experience becomes a therapeutic intervention that responds to the person, the process and the product.

Art Therapy


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0418 432 362
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  • Counsellor
  • M.ed (experiential Learning And Development)
  • Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Chid Centred Play Therapist
  • Sandplay Therapist
  • Somatic Touch Based Therapies
  • Grad. Diploma Male Family Violence
  • Grad. Dip Experiential Learning And Development

Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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