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Constant meetings and discussions can drain all of us of physical & mental energy. On top of that, there’s stress at home you have to deal with. Optimise your team’s well-being. Equip yourself & your team with Anastasia’s Mindfulness Workshops to understand emotions & stress levels. Book your consultation now.

Mindfulness Workshops & Private Consultations

Mindful Stress Management

Many of us deal with one or more of the following and most of the time all at once:

  • depleted energy after work
  • difficulty in ‘shutting off’ after work
  • consuming and spending more to release stress
  • mood swings
  • emotional
  • lost social and physical connection
  • stressful home life

Stress affects everyone differently, but the solution is the same. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn what to watch out for and respond appropriately when stressors arise. 

You’ll learn to understand yourself and establish new ways to release stress. 

When you’re conscious of your stress triggers, you can deflect your thoughts, keep your energy, and stay focused.

Mindful Leadership

When problems arise, leaders are expected to step up, make rational decisions and provide calm, confident leadership.

However, today’s work culture requires unprecedented pressure to be productive, and to be available anytime, which often leads to a distracted and disparate working environment. 

Mindful leadership helps you live with intention, at work and at home. 

It strengthens your ability to lead change effectively and connect to yourself and others.

Leading with mindfulness makes your employees value, respect, and appreciate you more. 

They develop enhanced emotional resilience, better work-life balance, boost productivity, and effective response to difficult situations.

Mindful Relationships

Conflicts in relationships, whether in families, co-workers, romantic partners or friends, cause stress, unhappiness, and may even lead to separation.

Many of us spend a good part of our lives trying to figure out how relationships work and still struggle to get a grasp on them. 

Working with or staying with someone who has a different perspective than ours causes friction and misunderstanding.

But when you realise these difficulties and see beyond your own wants and needs, having a harmonious relationship isn’t hard at all.

Practising mindfulness in relationships allows you to be open to others’ needs and shifts your capacity for empathy. 

It also redirects your attention to building intimacy and making your relationships happier and more connected. 

Individual Consultation

Stress is a global health problem with several health consequences. Work is one of the major causes of stress. 

Learn how to deal with stress strategically so you can be more calm and efficient at work. 


This workshop teaches meditation and present moment awareness to take you out of the habitual patterns of behaviour that causes stress. 

You’ll learn to observe yourself during these unhealthy habitual patterns of behaviour, then intercept them and redirect your attention to achieve more empowering behaviours that are more helpful.

Stress Release Exercises

Your body’s common and quick reaction to stress is rapid, shallow, erratic breathing. 

These exercises aim to relax your muscles, help you breathe deeply, release tension caused by stress. 

Learn how to breathe slower and deeper to dissipate stress. 

The Power of Now

Based on the book of the same title, this workshop aims to explore and practise living life fully in the present moment.

Too often, our minds are filled with thoughts about reality (life situation, finances, career, relationships) but cannot recognise that we live in reality itself, in the present moment. 

Learn to seek The Power of Now in this workshop to free you from the binding hold of stress in your life. 

Anastasia offers Mindfulness workshops for individuals, groups and retreats. Send an SMS for enquiries or call to book your consultation.

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