Strategic Calm


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Servicing area: Brisbane and online

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Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Feel Energised

Take Control of Your Stress

Cultivate Calm

Stay Focused and Achieve Goals

Strategic Calm


On a search for answers and solutions to managing stress, depression and anxiety I delved deep into all that modern psychology has to offer. Taking the best from Mindfulness, Human Behaviour and Awareness I have come up with a way to show you how you too can solve your stress and anxiety.


Mindfulness for:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Ego Work
  • Leaders and Men’s Groups
  • Individual sessions and group training

Ideal Client

If you want to take control of your stress, your reactions and your emotions you are an ideal customer.


The benefit is the calm you feel during the visit. You immediately notice the difference in your mood. You leave feeling relaxed and with a clear mind.


"Anastasia made me feel at ease from the very first moment. She cared to listen to all my problems and guided me to understand them separately and as a whole, and guided me to embrace them and work on them, by becoming more aware of the way my mind and body works. She helped me to relax, breathe and concentrate, to prioritize my needs and clear out my wants. 2. I was experiencing Health Issues conflicting with my Career and Life decisions. 3. I became more aware of myself, I learned to listen to my body and mind and to understand why and how my body reacts the way it does. I learned to be patient and methodical, while being relaxed and persistent. 4. Anastasia is deeply caring and helpful in every possible way. She is discreet and highly professional in her caring and guiding approach."

Introductory Offer

$200 $85/session until further notice.

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Strategic Calm