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Learn Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness, Crystal and Colour Healing, Feng Shui, Energy Healing and Body Scanning, and Stress Management courses.

Stressfree Management - Courses


Reiki levels 1, II, III and Reiki Master courses of Usui Reiki with Certification at the end of the course which will hold worldwide.  Cost of courses vary depending on which one you do

Meditation and Mindfulness

Beginners to advanced courses in meditation and mindfulness. Theory and practice. Certificate at end of course. Cost of courses varies depending on level and type.

Crystal and Colour Healing

This course introduces you to the world of vibrational energy and teaches you how to use crystals and colour to raise your vibration, enhance your health and lifestyle. Certificate on completion

Feng Shui

A beginners course in how to feng shui your home or office. Both theory and practice. Certificate on completion.

Energy Healing and Body Scanning

A beginning course in how to expand your intuition, apply energy healing, scan body energies and create greater harmony and health. Certificate on completion.

Stress Management 

Learn to manage your stress and equip yourself for a calmer life more in harmony with your lifestyle and goals. Develop healthy boundaries and progress towards your dreams. Certificate on completion.    

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Stressfree Management® - Jenetta Haim