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Aug 2004

Stressfree Management® - Jenetta Haim

Contact Name Jenetta Haim
Phone 02 9609 4848
Mobile 0414 680 770
Address 36 Gipps Rd
Greystanes NSW 2145
Servicing Areas Greystanes, New South Wales

We are a natural therapies clinic that specialise in empowering you so you can get healthy and know how to stay healthy.

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Stressfree Management

About Us

We help you balance your lifestyle by teaching you techniques that you will use the whole of your life. You will also find your family life is better, you are empowered regarding your money and success and you have more energy.

Whether you are stressed, cant sleep, want to give up smoking, lose weight, improve concentration and memory, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, need to handle PMT and menopause, want to get rid of headaches, deal with arthritis, aches and pains, have low immunity or any other physical, emotional, spiritual issues we can assist.

Corporations come to us to help their staff learn to de-stress in the workplace. We help your staff to learn better communication skills and teamwork and we educate them how to focus better on the job and look after themselves well. This will decrease staff friction, sick days, workers compensation, increase staff loyalty, productivity and also your profits.

Every session will be tailored to your needs whether you have come to us for a personal or corporate session. We combine our skills in managing stress, naturopathic nutritional advice, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling, energy healing and testing for sensitivities and inflammation to help you clear whatever is holding you back and develop new positive habits to guide you on your journey on all levels of your life.


Stress Management Consultants - Over thirty years experience in the areas of Meditation, Relaxation and Stress reduction techniques.
Bachelor of Arts and Masters in "Contemporary Ways to treat Stress in Western Society"

Nutritionist - Certificate in Dietetics and Nutrition (Naturopathic) - Member ATMS
Experience in herbal medicine, vitamin therapy
Reiki Master/ Teacher, ARTP - Member Reiki Australia
Orion DNA Theta healing
Energy healing
Specialised Counselling - ACA affiliate member
Professional Hypnotherapist - Member ASCH,
Clinical Member AHA - CMAHA
Certified NLP Practitioner - MABNLP
Certificate IV in Training and Assessments
Member of CMA (Complementary Medicine Association)

Over thirty years building experience in conducting courses in different areas of personal development, goal setting, lifestyle management, stress management, relaxation and meditation, diet, nutrition and health, Feng Shui, Crystals, Reiki, Psychic Development, Colour Healing, Body Scanning and different philosophies in the Sydney area.

Opening hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 8.30pm
Saturdays 9.30am to 5.30pm.
Closed Sunday.
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Hey Jenetta,

I feel like I am back to my old self now which was my main intention when I first started coming to you. You did wonders for me. You listened and I didnt feel like I was seeing a naturopath, I felt like I was seeing a girlfriend. Sometimes it was just nice to get things off my chest and not be judged and that was a great stress relief. Thank you for the wonderful reiki sessions. I am a much happier individual 🙂

Take care xx
S.M Merrylands

My start weight was 77kg; I am now 61kg and still losing. My goal is 55 kg. Surprisingly it has not been difficult at all. I am not feeling sluggish or gross anymore. I am feeling really well. Less than 70kg was a huge shift for me. I had never been that low before and never thought I could do it. Once I was there I figured I would just keep going.

H.T. Greystanes November 2014

I was so angry when I first came. Angry that I had to be here to talk about my personal stuff. Angry at Jenetta because I really didnt want to answer her questions. I hadnt really wanted to come. I thought, why the hell do I have to even be here? Anyway after about 10 minutes thanks to Jenetta I felt so much calmer and realised Thank God I am here 🙂

A.D Bonnyrigg NSW

Stressfree Management are very professional and accommodating to clients. They have helped me with a number of things and i highly recommend them.

Stacey Renner August 2016

I wasnt a believer in hypnotherapists but when I got ill my wife decided I needed to see one. Glad she found Jenetta. Jenetta has worked wonders for me. Shes very experienced, caring and passionate. Im very happy with her work.

Kuzman67 April 2017


Are you sensitive to wheat, yeast, lactose? Does your stomach get upset when you eat chilli or do you get bloated when you have potatoes? Do you sneeze when you are exposed to certain plants? Are you sensitive to dust?

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Reiki is the movement of energy in the body which precipitates the bodys natural healing processes. When one attends a Reiki session the client usually need do nothing more than sit or lie comfortably. Often they may experience heat in

Aromatherapy is not just a case of making the room smell nice or playing with sweet smelling oils. Aromatherapy is a method of enlisting one of our most powerful senses the sense of smell to help alleviate illness in

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Too busy for a consultation? Why not try our online services? For a yearly membership fee of $100 you can gain access to all kinds of online advice. Simply email us what lifestyle and health improvements you want to make

CORPORATE SEMINARS Specifically designed programs to meet your corporate needs on ways to decrease employee sick days, reduce staff turnover, promote common goals and teamwork, increase staff loyalty and motivation. Staff evaluations regarding stress and health factors.

Do you feel you lack focus in your life? Do you sometimes lack energy? Is your memory perhaps not as good as it used to be? Do you lack concentration? Do you sometimes make silly errors

Our techniques make the picture of the tired, rushed executive who has quick lunches, long hours and rushed deadlines, a thing of the past. We follow the lead of many USA and European companies by implementing new strategies to increase

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