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Here at Perth Healthy Living we teach and are certified in Knoff Yoga (a combination of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga), which focuses on correct posture and form.

Perth Healthy Living - Yoga

Our attention to alignment compliments our extensive SI therapy training and provides a unique holistic approach to physical health. Our classes are workshop style so that you get to understand and truly 'feel' the pose. Through our physical practice (yoga asana) - we connect in to the relationship and create/direct a healthy change in our body, mind, and spirit.

Energy your body
With a consistent disciplined practice you will discover enhanced physical balance and strength. Regular yoga practitioners will enjoy a strengthened immune system, improved circulation and in a sense of ongoing wellbeing.

Elevate your mind
We find that yoga students benefit with an improved quality of life, a stronger mental equilibrium and a greater ability to concentrate and focus in the present moment.

Evolve your Spirit
As your yoga practice grows, you’ll notice that you are able to communicate with your ‘self’ at a greater level. We encourage you to connect via “internalization” of your awareness.

With this awareness you are better equipped to let go of restricting mental patterns and allow your life-force (prana), to more freely express itself in your Life.

Info for students

  • We recommend that you wear shorts or tights and a close fitting tee shirt or singlet to yoga classes. Loose clothing inhibits movement as we journey through new yoga poses. As teachers we like to be able to clearly see your body so that we can better assist you

  • Yoga is a fragrance free zone so please no strong deodorants or perfumes.

  • We provide all the yoga props and supports you need to enjoy a safe, fun and comfortable yoga practice; this includes mats, belts, and blocks.

  • You may want to bring a towel for personal use on the mat and a sarong or shawl for relaxation.

  • For your own comfort it is recommended not to eat for a minimum of 2 hours before attending any yoga class.

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