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Studio Red Yoga

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Light up your life at Australia's first red light therapy yoga studio.

Studio Red Yoga

Focus areas

Muscle pain Fatigue Energy Adrenal fatigue Movement Chair yoga

About Us

We are a family run yoga studio new to Sydney's Inner West.

Always in pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle, we found yoga 12 years ago and discovered a movement practice that is holistic and works with intelligence to cleanse, strengthen and purify the physical body, and create a strong and focused mind.

We became very passionate for this practice, very quickly. And since becoming Knoff Yoga teachers, have taught many thousands of hours of yoga across the years.

It was around 12 months ago that we came across light therapy in the pursuit of healing adrenal fatigue. We purchased a red light therapy set up for our home and started using it daily to increase energy, reduce muscle pain, and more.

We started using it during our yoga practices and on our students during yoga. Everyone loved it and we knew we had made a great discovery. And thus, the idea of Studio Red Yoga was born.

We started looking for the best red light devices to use in our studio. That's when we came across Joovv, the only full-body red light therapy device on the market, with proven wavelengths and the correct output for achieving the many benefits of the red and infrared light.

Now we bring this quirky, but totally amazing combination of yoga, movement, breathing, meditation and red light therapy to a beautiful, family run studio in Leichhardt.

We can't wait to meet you, and design a personalised program to help you meet your needs and goals. You don't have to be a yogi to practice with us, everyone is welcome. We teach Chair Yoga, all the way up to Advanced Yoga, and everything in between.

The Three Pillars


Studio Red Yoga is not your typical yoga studio! We focus on semi-private sessions in which you book in at any time, and our highly qualified teachers will create a fully personalised program based on your goals, and guide you through it each time you practice. Traditional yoga for modern bodies. Group led classes also available.

Light Therapy

At the back of your mat hangs a high-tech Joovv light therapy device. Light therapy, or photobiomodulation, has countless science-backed therapeutic effects. Red light is for the health and appearance of the skin, while infrared light goes deeper into the organs and muscles to heal, recover and repair.

Small Groups

You'll get a huge 2 metre by 2 metre yoga mat. There's only ten yoga mats in the room, and one teacher per five students. Every time you come to practice, you're getting a semi-private session which allows you to learn and progress quickly. Your teacher will monitor your progression and update your program when needed.

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