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Subtle Essence

Servicing area: Melbourne

Healing Therapeutic massage Relaxation ...
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Subtle Essence

About Us

Touch, an underestimated sense and an important aspect of general wellbeing has been experienced through massage from ancient times. Simple and safe massage has the potential to restore an individuals wellbeing.

Aromatherapy combines natural essential oils with massage for an effective,

Natural essential oils are also experienced through inhalation, baths, hand or foot-baths, hot or cold compress, and use of personalised prepared creams & lotions, sprays, soaps, and general skin care products.

Full body massage sessions combine Aromatherapeutic massage with Seichem healing for ultimate relaxation and wellbeing.

Naturally, all treatments are personalised.

SEICHEM is a gentle non-invasive healing therapy.


My primary focus is always for your benefit and well being. All treatments and products will use the highest quality natural essential and vegetable oils at dilutions according to each individual’s age, health and in consideration of other health medications taken.

Aromatherapy treatments are designed to complement, and not to replace, your relationship with your medical practitioner or midwife.

Treatment may be refused or discontinued where contraindicated.

60 Minutes $80.00 Relaxation Full Body Massage
30 Minutes $45.00 Back and Shoulders
15 Minutes $35.00 Foot Bath & Massage
60 Minutes $90.00 AromatherapyMassage with Seichem Healing

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Louisa Chibert
Clinical Aromatheray and Massage therapist
Seichem Healer

IAAMA - International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association
ATMS - Australian Natural Therapists Association

Qualification details

Diploma of Aromatherapy
Seichem Master
Subtle Essence