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Success and Confidence

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Lily Stojcevska is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Wellbeing Life Coach helping women and men to empower themselves, shine the light and live the dream that they were born to live.

Success and Confidence

Welcome to Success and Confidence

Lily helps people to overcome their limiting beliefs and negative emotions in order to be the best version of themselves.

Lily's wellbeing programs help people build a healthy work-life balance, reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. She also provides public speaking for small groups, events and corporations on self-empowerment and motivation.

About Lily

Lily is passionate about improving workplaces for small businesses and corporations. She has been designing and running wellbeing classes since 2011, tailoring programs to meet her clients’ needs.

In 2014, she founded Empowering Women: Success and Confidence, a women’s group in Melbourne. Lily's workshop, “Moving Forward”, assists women to tune into their true strength and explore their higher goals.

Lily is a mother of two, with multiple qualifications and currently completing a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming in the bay and studying Tao.

One on One Coaching

Lily designs and facilitates individualised sessions for men and women who want to leave old beliefs and habits behind. These sessions - which are private and confidential - will assist in the release of anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and anxiety all of which may be having a negative effect on your health. With Lily's assistance, you will be closer to achieving a more full and positive life.

Coaching Families

Lily helps parents to facilitate children’s independence.

She assists families to manage their time and create more time for themselves.

Lily works with families of all types to help better manage their time, and to help parents get some of their time back. Teamwork is key to creating a healthy and happy family life.

Corporate and Small Business

Lily believes that the wellbeing of employees has a direct effect on their performance in the workplace. She designs and runs courses in the workplace to explore employee and company needs. Matching these needs is the key to a productive workplace.

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