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Kinesiology & Flower Remedies
Member since
Oct 2008

Sue Hatfield

Contact Name Sue Hatfield
Mobile 0417 615 765
Address Noosaville QLD 4566
Servicing Areas Tewantin/Noosaville, QLD

Kinesiology - Bach Flower Remedies
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Sue Hatfield - Kinesiology & Flower Remedies


Kinesiology is a feedback tool, the use of muscles and energy to assess imbalances in the body structure on all levels, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Imbalances are able to be corrected through a series of muscle testing techniques. Imbalances in nutrition, muscle restriction, and emotional stressors can be detected. Kinesiology can help in learning problems, dietary imbalances and muscular skeletal imbalances. There are many forms of Kinesiology, I have studied numerous forms; Touch for Health, Kinergetics and Neuro Stress Release to name a few. 

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flowers have 38 different remedies, all of which can address emotional imbalances. A practitioner will assess an individual and form an evaluation of a client’s personality and an individual’s imbalances. I will create a recipe for that personality. These are easy to take drops that create a change of harmony equilibrium within the body. 

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