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Sue's Healing Light The Journey

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Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced    

Sue's Healing Light The Journey

Servicing area

Shellharbour, Illawarra, Flinders, Warilla, Oak Flats, Blackbutt, Mount Warrigal, Shell Cove, Kiama, Wollongong & surrounding suburbs

Focus areas

Stress management Joy Depression Inner healing Love Psychic development

Transference Healing® works with all aspects of the self and can help with any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that may arise, releasing fear, pain and suffering 'TRANSFERRING' you into a new and awakened state of health, happiness, freedom and opportunity. Transference works with colour and sound frequencies, crystals, vibration essences, the elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire) sacred geometry, Alchemy & Alchemy symbols and much more. Transference Healing® also works with the electromagnetic and magnetic fields of the body. When you work with the etheric body and these magnetic frequencies you reach deep into different levels of vibrational density. This orchestrates healing on the cellular level of the body, so all dimensions of the anatomy can heal themselves. When combined with the guidance and insight that you receive during a healing session, a powerful healing impact occurs. Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions supports you to achieve and maintain a consistent level of health and wellness. 


Transference Healing® contains Sound and Colour procedures throughout each healing session. Transference Healing® is unique and has profound results.

The Harmony Alignment Points Procedure – directs sound and colour into specific meeting points, allowing profound physiological shifts that release energetic imbalances from the body.

Colour Bath Procedure - An integral part of frequency healing is to project colour by intent into the body. Colour baths vibrationally harmonise the body on all levels.

Four Planes of Transformation Procedure – integrating appropriate meeting points with sound and colour so the body can respond and adjust with the Earths changes.


  • Respiratory discomfort, tightness in the lungs, asthma, flu-like symptoms, hay fever, colds, runny noses and sneezing for up to twenty-four hours
  • Inflammation or aching of bones & Joints
  • Headaches or migraines that are not alleviated by painkillers
  • Immune & lymphatic system changes
  • Dizziness, ringing in the ears and coordination imbalances
  • Throat inflammation and inner ear imbalances affecting concentration and our ability to absorb knowledge. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Lack of circulation loss of muscular power and brief periods of weakness
  • Tingling in the arms, hands and feet
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Skin irritations
  • Feelings of déjà vu
  • Intense fear of separation and loss
  • Short periods of tiredness
  • Occasional diarrhoea
  • Mood swings, anxiety and bouts of short-term depression
  • Strange symptomatic pain especially through the back and central vertebrae
  • Intense dreams odd sleeping patterns and night sweats
  • Vagueness in the head and an empty feeling in the stomach
  • A sensitivity to temperature; extreme heat followed by extreme cold
  • Memory loss
  • Sensitive hearing cause by a clairaudient opening which can include the hearing of voices and strange sounds. This sensitivity can occur suddenly, stressing the nervous system and causing anxiety.
  • Seeing shadows or a presence that is not there. This can sometimes feel as though the mind is weakening
  • Frightening and overwhelming emotions that require urgent understanding grounding and balancing
  • Visions of past lives
  • Fluctuating eyesight
  • Feelings of disassociation and alienation, similar to mild autistic symptoms


After you receive a Transference healing, you may feel altered, feel mild symptomatic pain releasing as you purify, undergo a subtle identity shift, or have long-standing issues resolve themselves. You can also feel spiritual intervention in your life, giving you the faith to let go of negative patterning, defence mechanisms, and the need for control; surrender. When this integration is complete, you feel refreshed, reborn and rejuvenated.


Transference Healing® is a non contact healing modality which is conducted while relaxing in a comfortable chair. Most people find the healings very calming and are able to easily relax into the energy taking full advantage of the experience. Absentee healings are available for anyone who is unable to attend in person. A convenient time for both parties will be arranged so the client can plan to sit back and relax at the time the healing is taking place.


Full Transference Healing $100

Full Transference (Remote Healing) $100

Beyond Doorways Level 1 $ 60

Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 $100

Enjoy a relaxing 30 minute Beyond Doorways Level 1 healing or Beyond Doorways Level 1 and Level 2 healings can be purchased together as a package. Please note: Although Beyond Doorways Level 1 and Level 2 healings are both powerful and effective they only represent a small aspect of the technologies and healing impact available within a Full Transference healing.


Healings are approximately one hour and are usually done as a remote healing - please call for further information

0429 538 094
Location: Flinders NSW


2 Services

Transference healing

Energy Healing
$100 Per session

7th Dimensional high frequency healing that works on many different levels of our body, mind & spirit. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey the frequencies of Transference Healing will support you.

Tarot/Numerology Readings

$90 Per hour

Psychic reading/guidance

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