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Straighten up and fly right with Reflexology, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique, Bowen, Tapping therapies,  Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a whole range of first class stress busters. It's a pleasure - yours.

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Tension got you by the neck? Making lists when you should be sleeping?

Suite Marigold is a non-medical health practice- a welcoming place to deal with worries and health concerns- or to experience a little serenity. You can experience deeply relaxing bodywork and training of the mind to help manage pain, illness or stress. We also teach strategies to help you excel in your chosen field by improving focus and resourcefulness.

Straighten up and fly right with Reflexology, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique, Tapping therapies, Bowen, Reiki,  NLP and rapid, effective stress busters. It's a pleasure - yours.

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Creating peace in a body at war

Suite Marigold offers a broad range of modalities selected from experience of what works best for most people who have sought treatment. If you are in pain, emotional or physical, we will do all we can to improve your comfort and resources.


Alastair McLoughlin is one of the stand-outs of the international Bowen field.

After three decades of bodywork- including more than twenty as a full time Bowen practitioner and seven as a senior instructor for ‘The Bowen Therapy Academy ‘in the UK, he branched out to teach his own distillation of his experience. Now known and taught as ‘The Art of Bowen’, Alastair pioneered an innovative and original approach to the practice of Bowen therapy.

In the course of his long clinical experience, the scar tissue release work evolved and developed into its current unique form- now known as ‘McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique’. It is a simple, gentle and elegant method for dealing with scars. It can be used as a stand-alone technique and is not a Bowen method. Through Alastair’s keen observation and persistence, many practitioners (all kinds of body workers and natural therapists) have been able to learn and successfully apply his technique for dealing with scars.

Some of the reported experiences from application of the method include:
• softening and smoothing of scar tissue
• aesthetic improvement
• observable increase in blood flow to the area
• improved (restored) sensation
• improvement of long-standing pain
• less restriction of movement

Sometimes clients report improvements in function at a distance from the scar area worked. It does not seem to matter how old the scar tissue is: significant response has been observed even in scars that are more than thirty years old.

Usually, only one brief treatment is needed. A few people need two or three treatments. Not all scars will be suitable to treat and there is no guarantee that every individual will have the positive and interesting outcomes observed and reported by those who work with this method.

The majority of clients who have experienced  the treatment report feeling pleased and even delighted by the results.

Reflexology has been found in many cultures around the world from ancient times. Reflexology is even depicted in pictograms in ancient Egypt and parts of Asia. In the 20th. Century, the basic method was re-discovered by Dr. William Fitzgerald in the USA in the early 1900s : he named it Zone Therapy. The system was later formalised and expanded by Eunice Ingham, a student of Fitzgerald, by mapping what she saw as the relationship between the reflexes on the foot and the anatomy of the body. Reflexology now has a solid history of modern use in clinical settings and the workplace and the home.

Reflexology is a hands-on treatment that involves stimulating points on the body- usually without pain. The treatment is applied to the feet but may also be applied to hands or ears. It is hypothesized that circulation is stimulated by this method bringing nutrients and healing factors to troubled areas. In short, reflexology aims to engage the body's own healing response.

The treatment takes place on a massage table in peaceful and secure surrounds. Most people fall into a deep state of relaxation or even sleep before the session is halfway through. Treatment takes about 45-50 minutes. It can also be used with excellent effect as a means of recovering from stress or to maintain a good state of function and comfort.

Most of the published research on reflexology comes from the UK, China and Denmark . Positive results have been reported by clients. Put your feet in our hands.

Bowen Therapy is fast, effective, safe – and ‘Made in Australia’. The treatment is usually carried out on a massage table through light clothing. It has earned its reputation as a gentle non-invasive therapeutic system for soft tissue.

Bowen Therapy is named after Tom Bowen (Thomas Ambrose Bowen) - the originator of the method and an original healer who established his first clinics in Geelong in 1959. He became something of a legend in his own time due to the huge demand that developed for the therapy he devised and with which he continued to experiment to the end of his life in 1982.

Tom Bowen’s therapy stood out at the time in that it is a cross-fibre method- unlike standard massage techniques that largely work along the length of the muscles. It did not employ manipulation of structure and was- and is- considered generally safe for all ages. While its main application has been in musculoskeletal pain conditions, many who have experienced Bowen treatments have reported beneficial effects on a range of conditions – both acute and chronic.

Tom Bowen did not have access to modern research about the Fascia in developing his soft tissue therapy. Little was known then about the full dimensions or function of the Fascia of the body- a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds and probably ‘communicates’ with all organs, muscles, bones and nerves. Instead, he relied on his intuition, his prodigious experience and his determination to find solutions for people who were suffering pain, injury, illness or disability. What is now known about the many and varied functions of the Fascia (the subject of regular international conferences) may go a long way to explaining the huge success of his work then and its potential now.

The Submission of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia to the Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance (January 2013) cites some 250 published studies on the Fascia that either directly or indirectly provide some explanation as to how Bowen Therapy might be working and has been able to benefit a range of debilitating conditions.

The Integrated Bowen Therapy site states in part:
“Regular Bowen Therapy treatments can be an effective form of preventative healthcare. We use it to bring relief to pains and aches and also raise the quality of health and life of our clients.”

Presenting issues may be resolved in one treatment or a series of treatments. We also notice that after people have had a few Bowen treatments, they seem to respond quicker the next time they need relief or deep relaxation.

This modality combines aspects of kinesiology, the acupuncture system and homeopathic principles. The treatment was devised by Dan McNair, Prof. Dr H.M.Sc., PhD (Hom.Ac),VP. - founder of the Homeopathic Meridian Science Institute, and was taught from 1990 onwards. HMS employs small round adhesive patches (like a band-aid), which have a sliver of optic fibre at the centre onto which a homeopathic of vegetable origin is imprinted. The patches, known originally as ‘Kinetic Energen’, are applied to particular acupuncture points – usually, but not exclusively, on the forearms. Kinesiology methods (e.g., muscle-testing) are used to select the appropriate locations and combinations of acupuncture points. The objective is to improve harmony of the energy field of the body. Some clients use this method to improve painful areas and promote comfort and well-being.

NLP is the study of how we think and how we process emotion and memory. Each of us has a unique way of processing experience and a singular learning style. For example, we may be more comfortable and adept with visualizing, or auditory methods of learning, or kinesthetic methods. Of course, we use all of these methods but we often have a preferred pattern developed in childhood. Considering what methods you used to learn numerical tables as a child may give you some clues. For example, did you read them many times, or write them, or sing them to an activity like hopscotch or skipping? Clients tell me that detecting these patterns and exploring how they store memories or learning has changed some of their work or personal habits for the better. They describe feeling more relaxed and confident in daily life. NLP provides tools intended to improve communication and enhance performance in skill areas. Experienced NLP practitioners also notice a welcome change for the better in those experiencing the effects of phobia and trauma.

THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY (TFT)- and other Tapping Therapies
Thought Field Therapy, developed by Roger Callahan, employs rhythmic tapping with the fingers sequentially on a collection of acupuncture points on the body. Most of these collections of points are found on the face, upper chest and hands. Usually, the practitioner will demonstrate the patterns of tapping, and the client will copy this -doing the tapping themselves. The purpose and the usual outcome is to reduce strong emotions around memories – whether of recent events or events from long ago. This process occurs entirely in the privacy of the client’s mind – the practitioner does not need to know the details about the incident or memory the person is choosing to address. Common targets are trauma, anger, sadness, guilt or fear. The usual result is an increase in confidence and decrease in emotional pain. People who have used the system report feeling better about their future. They are also able to learn the treatment protocol themselves to apply in any troublesome new situation.

Students of the Callaghan technique later developed a simplified system with wide application known as 'Emotional Freedom Technique'. There are now many variations on that theme also. Suite Marigold can assist you to explore the forms of meridian tapping and find what suits you best. Having a readily accessible means to quickly change your state is reassuring.

Immuno-kinesiology uses a model that places illness and dysfunction in the context of a learning disorder. It operates on the premise that the central nervous system has made a mistaken association that leads to innumerable small changes in the body over time. It is hypothesized that this pattern may eventually lead to dysfunction or compromised health. Immuno-kinesiology uses kinesiology methods to identify the error and change its effects. The theory is that the body can then integrate the new information for improved well-being.

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. This treatment is considered to work through the chakra system – an ancient Eastern description of the way the body makes use of and transforms energy. Most users of this modality describe the effect as profoundly relaxing and restoring.

The purpose is to expose interested people to all kinds of meditation styles and other relaxation strategies so that they can get an idea of what best suits them. Information about the benefits – physical, psychological and spiritual –is provided. From time to time, we organise teaching of some of these methods one-to-one or in small groups or provide appropriate referrals for people to continue exploring their preferences.

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