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Sunbear Shiatsu

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About Gerald ‘Sunbear‘ Heutink
Qualified Shiatsu and SCENAR practitioner

I am a qualified shiatsu practitioner and qualified Level 3 SCENAR practitioner, member of the Shiatsu Therapies Association Australia, SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia and registered with all health funds for rebates. I work out of Sunbear Shiatsu and SCENAR Pain Relief Clinic in Preston, Melbourne. I am also available for home treatments within a radius of 10 km’s – please contact me by text or email to request a visit.

I am passionate about shiatsu, with its nourishing nature and subtle means of healing. In my clinic, I create a safe and nurturing surrounding for my clients. In my treatments, I facilitate the process of unblocking stagnation and unlocking the inner healing potential. It gives me joy to see my client leave with increased vitality and in great spirits after a session.

In my spare time, I train for Nin-Jutsu, enjoy cooking for my family and looking after my chooks and vegies in the garden.

My biggest passion is music and I pride myself in making playlists to enhance the restoritive power of shiatsu.


The word Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese. Japan is where this healing technique originates from. Shiatsu is a holistic practice and involves pressure from hands and underarms in Zen-Shiatsu, feet in Barefoot Shiatsu and thumbs in Classical and Tsubo acupoint pressure.

A Shiatsu treatment starts with a succinct Chinese Medicine diagnosis of tongue, pulse and hara (abdominal area) palpation. These diagnostic tools provide information where the imbalances lie, and which meridians need to be strengthened to rectify this into equilibrium.

According to your preferences, your Shiatsu treatment can consists for the following elements:

  • Zen-Shiatsu

  • Classical Shiatsu

  • Barefoot Shiatsu

  • Sotai and Stretches

  • Moxibustion

  • Cupping/Gua Sha


SCENAR Pain Relief

This is how SCENAR works

The SCENAR is a TGA approved device that works through your skin, using a transdermal signal. It applies computer-modulated, however gentle impulses to stimulate your brain – this is known as energoneuro-stimulation. The brain responds with a signal to the SCENAR. The SCENAR then interprets the brain’s signal responses and modifies its next impulse back to the brain aiming to restore balance to the body. This is called active reflex biofeedback. The mechanism is repeated until equilibrium, also known as homeostasis, is achieved.

During this ‘conversation’ of constantly varying frequencies and waveforms, the brain also instructs the nervous system to generate neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are key biochemicals needed by your body to heal injury or repair loss of function due to illness or disease.

After an injury or onset of disease, the communication system between the brain and the affected area can break down and get used to the injury/pain/illness signal from that body part. The brain begins to accept the abnormal signal as normal. This is a reason why many conditions become chronic and unresponsive to treatment. The SCENAR assist the body to move out of this habit and restores your natural healthy communication, resulting in effective and more complete healing.

The pulses from the SCENAR device have been specifically designed to contain numerous random features to prevent your body from adapting to the stimulation and to help the body continue the healing process to its completion.

In my practice, I use the SCENAR device in conjunction with shiatsu. The shiatsu treatment makes your body more receptive to the healing that the SCENAR therapy offers And it consolidates and prolongs the healing that has been initiated.

SCENAR Therapy is:

  • Non-invasive

  • Painless

  • Effective

The SCENAR is very different from other electrotherapy instruments such as TENS or Electro-acupuncture. Tens units are mainly used to provide pain relief. Electroacupuncture instruments have a broader range of application, but they lack any bio-feedback capability. Only the SCENAR combines energy measuring functions along with real-time feedback and constant adjustment to deliver the correct type and amount of energy to the body.

When using the SCENAR the local area is affected through stimulating of the skin, blood vessels and muscle  – this reduces pain and initiates the healing process.  There is also a generalised influence on the nervous, the endocrine (hormone)  and the immune system. This results in making you feel energised and more importantly  gives your body the energy it needs heal itself. The SCENAR is a medical technology that works with your body to stimulate its inherent self-healing mechanisms.

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