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Suncoast Yoga Centre

Glenda Hartley

Servicing area: Coolum Beach, Yadina Creek, Sunshine Coast, Queensland




Glenda through her passion for yoga, aims to guide each individual to honour themselves and BE the potential that they hold within.

Suncoast Yoga Centre

Welcome to the Suncoast Yoga Centre

The Suncoast Yoga Centre "respects the individual". It doesn't matter what your age, gender, beliefs or present state of health is; you are respected where you are now and where YOU want to move too.

Discover how you may improve your overall health. Being guided by highly qualified and experienced teachers, who gently use the tools of yoga to enhance the quality of your life.

No you don't need to "touch your toes" or be flexible to begin. The prerequisite is that you are alive and you can breathe, that is all that is needed.

Learn to reduce your physical discomforts, recover from injuries, bring more emotional stability and just feel better after each practice. Yoga also will improve your strength, flexibility, postural stability and overall health, the bonus of this is that the emotional and spiritual wellbeing is also enhanced. Yoga provides a wonderful foundation for you to explore your potential on all levels.


Small group classes offer an intimate environment for you to feel comfortable to practice at your own level. Time is taken by the teacher to know each of you and your needs, then the practice is modified and adapted to suit each individual within the group. The group classes are in term blocks with a progressive theme being followed so a continuity of growth is ensured. These classes are in tune with the time of day, the season and the general energy of the group. Classes cover asanas(postures), relaxation, breathing(pranayama), meditation and the essence of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras are included.


Private consultations are a one on one session where your health is reviewed on all levels. You are then guided through a practice that is tailored to suit your needs and suitable for you to do at home. A written copy is given to you to follow these guidelines. This may include advice on dietary and lifestyle improvements.. Support is given for the changes you seek.
Private sessions are especially suited to those with health issues or injuries who are unable to attend a group class, yet wish to explore the potential of yoga.


A Yoga Teacher Training Course is available to those wishing to deepen their understanding of yoga or may seek to be a teacher in the future. This 2 year part-time course is affliated with the KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation) which is internationally recognised. Based on the teachings and tradition of T. Krishnamacharya, a yoga master and now taught around the world by his son TKV. Desikachar and grandson Kausthub Desikachar.
This course is also accredited with the Yoga Teachers Association of which Glenda is a senior teacher.


Regular one day or weekend workshop/seminars are run which cover many related topics for those wanting to explore beyond the group class. Just contact me for those current details.


Annual retreats are a time when total immersion without distraction is possible to explore the concepts and experience of yoga in an environment which honours and respects your needs.

NOW if improved quality of life is what you seek then contact me now so we may take the next step. Come and visit the sanctuary that the yoga studio is nestled in and you'll feel like you've come home.
You may email or phone me to see what suits you. I look forward to hearing from you. If you mention your link is through this webpage then your first group class will be free.


Glenda Hartley has been practising yoga since 1972 and has been teaching since 1984. Her first teaching qualification was with the International Yoga Teachers Assoc. Then in the late 1990's after further studies, Glenda gained a Teacher Training certificate with the KYM, now the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation. In 2007 she qualified with the KHYF as a Yoga Teacher Trainer and is now running a Teacher Training Course.
Glenda is also a senior teacher with the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia.

Glenda is currently doing further studies with the KHYF in the field of Yoga Therapy.

The Suncoast Yoga Centre is founded by Glenda who has built a specially designed yoga room surrounded by a sanctuary for you to fully appreciate the experience.

Glenda has conducted Yoga Retreats locally, interstate and overseas. Presented classes and seminars on various topics to the general public and corporate groups.

Glenda also holds Diplomas in Dietetics and Nutrition and Swedish and Remedial Massage.


For the past 11 years, I have been attending Glenda's Yoga classes once a week and for the past few years twice a week, as well as a few private lessons. Also over the years I have participated in a few of her workshops.

Glenda's approach is inclusive, caring, acoomodating and challenging all at the same time. It is a perfect balance between ease, strength and stability. All classes are held in her purpose-built, beautiful and intimate studio. A personal favourite is the "Thought for the week" that we are given to reflect on.

Some years ago, during a serious illness, the years of yoga practise and Glanda's guidance helped me a great deal to cope and carry on with my life in a positive, joyful and hopeful manner. Yoga is one of the best things I have started and I am convinced it is thanks to Glenda's contribution that I have continued to reap the benefits of yoga, which enriched my life in many ways.

I recommended Glenda's classes to my husband and mother-in-law, who have been attending classes for 9 and 7 years respectively, and I would happily recommend Glenda to anyone wishing to explore Yoga. I am looking forward to many more years of Yoga with Glenda.

Beate Borisch-Leach


I have been a pupil of Glenda's Yoga class for the past 9 years. For the previous 7 years I had worked very hard on our Gympie farm - too busy to take much care of myself, I was strong but with no flexibility or fitness and my mental state was close to breaking point.

With Glenda's special therapeutic style of Yoga, and her care, sensitivity and wisdom, I am a completely different person from the one who walked into class nine years ago, confident, more flexible than I have ever been, having been injured from a horse accident in my teens.

At 63, I feel better than I did in my thirties; I walk, paddle a kayak, care for our extensive acreage gardens & have been able to take up horse riding again, something I never thought I would be able to do again.

Glenda has a very special way anout her teaching, which sensitively nurtures all of us. I could not recommend her more highly; I am living proof of her care.

Frances Anderson

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