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Hardo Bottin

Sunflower Clinic

136 Darby Rd Hahndorf/echunga SA 5153

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Find the root cause of your ailment and remove the obstacles to recovery.

Advanced Live And Dried Blood Analysis & Classical Homeopathy

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Echunga, Hahndorf & Adelaide Hills SA

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Metaphysics Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Stress management Tiredness Aches & pains Love

Recovering With Blood Analysis and Energy Medicine

One of the major services of the Sunflower Clinic in Hahndorf SA is the Advanced Live and Dried Blood Analysis. This process involves a thorough clinical examination of a person’s blood under a high-powered microscope.

This method helps me understand and link your condition with the state of your blood and body. Only then can I present or suggest a feasible plan that will holistically support your recovery from a mental, emotional or physical challenge.

In this 3-hour consultation, I will be able to not only examine your blood, but also explain how it triggered any imbalances.

Education is the second stage, though nonetheless extremely important. Together, we’re going to identify the obstacles to your recovery and the action that needs to be taken.

Failure to remove the obstacles will result in the failure of any treatment and consequently a relapse.

Don’t Treat the Disease, Treat Your Whole Person

I’ve been a passionate homeopath for more than 20 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of my clients, especially children, recover from all sorts of ailments.

It is important to remember that as a classical homoeopath, I do not treat diseases per se, especially chronic degenerative one. What I do is apply my knowledge and skills to treat the person in a holistic way.

Classical homeopathy is not a medicine; it is an energy medicine that addresses the metaphysical aspect of a person in order to enable them to treat their condition by themselves.

This modality covers multi-levels of one’s being in order to arrive at the root cause of their condition and an effective solution. 

As a practitioner of this modality, I look at several factors that may be contributing to the symptoms of your illness such as lifestyle, habits, environment, relationships, traumatic events, and family history, among many others.

I have to know what your life was like before you were diagnosed and the obstacles to your recovery so that I can prescribe the most effective treatment.

Resolving the thing or things hindering you from recovering is the prescription to effectively eradicating the symptoms of an illness.

Book an appointment to gain insight into the variety of alternative therapies I apply to help speed up recovery.

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