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Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy and Natural Healing Centre
Do you want to take charge of your life? Stopping negative self-sabotaging behaviours and or addictions, fear and anxiety? With over 25 years’ experience in the field Sharon can help you steer your mind in whatever direction you desire with 100% working with you not against you.

Mooloolah Massage & Natural Therapy - Hypnotherapy

Sharon has trained with the Founders of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, she has also been a Lecturer and Examiner for them. Sharon draws on her extensive training and experience to assist the individual client to achieve real positive dynamic change.

Hypnotherapy For: Weight Loss, Stress Management, Confidence Building, Habit Disorders, Motivation, Relationships, Phobias, Study Improvement, Sleep Talk Therapy for Children, Regression Therapy, Hypno-Birthing, Smoking Cessation and much more….

Hypnosis is really another word for an altered state of consciousness. There have been many misconceptions about hypnosis, which is unfortunate as it is a safe, effective method of helping people to bring real change in their lives. We all enter hypnosis twice a day naturally, once just before we first awaken, and secondly just before we drift off to sleep. So, as you can see, it is a very natural state of being. Sharon will help teach the client how to utilize this powerful state of mind for creating dynamic change. The mind is to some like a horse without a bridle. Running every which way without control or guidance. If we understand the mechanism of the human mind we can take charge of our lives. Learning Self Hypnosis is like putting a bridle on the horse so that you can steer it (the mind) in whatever direction you desire, with 100% working with you rather than against you. By incorporating the Luscher Colour Test Sharon is able to see what the subconscious feelings are to get to the real problem, allowing the formulation of treatment to be more effective, treating the whole person not only the presenting problem. We have all met people who expect nothing but trouble in their lives. They seem to live out the words of the comical Murphy’s Law ‘Whatever can go wrong will’. For these people, their negative expectations always seem to be realized. Learn how to turn that same power around for positive dynamic change. We believe in educating the Client on the great mechanics of the mind as well as learning and using Alpha Deep Relaxation and Clinical Hypnotherapy. ‘The voice of your subconscious beliefs contributes to your creations via thought, feeling, reactions”.

Fee Schedule

Initial Assessment Consultation approx. 1 ˝ hours $120
Hypnotherapy Consultation $100

“Do your mind and body a favour“
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Qualification Details

  • Certificate Health Science – Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma Health Science – Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma Swedish & Remedial Massage
  • Cert 1V Counselling Conflict Resolution & Anger Management
  • Cert. Reiki Usui Healing
  • Minister for Universal Life Church
  • Certificate of Psychic Mediumship from Australian Academy of Spirit
  • Australian Academy of Spirit as a professional membership organization
  • International Registry for Goulding (R) Sleep Talk Consultants
Professional Organizations: Australian Traditional Medicine Society (Accredited Member)

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