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Beach Health Retreat

Ayurveda is also the world’s oldest recorded holistic health care system.


Ayurveda takes on a completely holistic system of healthcare known. Ayurveda has its roots in India thousands of years ago and it continues to be applied and refined in different places, times and circumstances.

Ayurveda is a highly practical and inclusive holistic system of healthcare that concentrates on the prevention and the treatment of disease. Some of the treatment modalities that are utilised within Ayurveda are; massage, diet, exercise, yoga, counselling, psychology, lifestyle development, a range of specialist spa treatments and medical herbal remedies.

Ayurveda offers an in-depth energetic understanding of the life process itself.  Beach Health Retreat services include; Ayurvedic consultation, massage, treatments and personalised and tailored Ayurvedic detox programs (Panchakarma). Beach Health Retreat is a highly unique Ayurveda provider as it will always go to the furthest lengths to use only the best and most organise Ayurvedic medical herbs.

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