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Sunshine Wellbeing

Sunshine Wellbeing

Sunshine Wellbeing

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Servicing Noosa areas, Queensland

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Lymphatic system Habits Relaxation Motivation Joy Headaches

Our mission

To INSPIRE individuals to discover a whole new way of life and EMPOWER them with the opportunity to LIVE IT by transforming their lives through optimum health and WELLBEING

"Do you need help with stress, inflexibility, tension headaches, muscular aches, pain, negative beliefs, traumatic memories, insomnia..."

Sunshine Wellbeing employ a variety of healing modalities, including massage and yoga, to assist in bringing the body, mind and spirit back into harmony. We provide a safe, supportive environment and a compassionate understanding to facilitate the clients experience of self healing.We also stock specific natural products to maintain optimum health and vitality.

Yoga Classes

Yoga has many benefits including increased energy, improved posture and muscular structure, strengthened immune system, reduced stress, improved flexibility cultivate inner peace, contentment and harmony.

There is no competition in yoga. We encourage you to work to your own capabilities, listen to your body and allow yourself to be guided by your breath and intuition.

Each class includes flowing asanas (yoga postures) combined with pranayama (breathwork) and concludes with a guided relaxation.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am SUNRISE BEACH

Cost $15 casual

We also run yoga retreats-please contact us for more information.


Here at Sunshine Wellbeing we offer many different styles of massage which enables us to cater for all body types and for the many different reasons people come to see us.Massage therapy is a powerful way of releasing stress and tension from the body, calming the mind and balancing the emotions

Hawaiian Temple style massage

This dynamic form of massage is deeply healing and connects body mind and spirit. It uses soft and deep tissue massage adapted to the clients needs.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

This style of bodywork is a fluid and rhythmic treatment working on cleansing the lymphatic system. Its therapeutic qualities help each individual by relaxing both soft and deep tissues.

Polynesian Floor work

Clients remain fully clothed during this treatment of integrated muscle tension release. It can also be incorporated into a treatment with other styles.

Thai massage

Thai Massage, also fully clothed and oil free, has it's origins in Asia, and incorporates dynamic muscle release through stretching and localised pressure using hands and feet. Some liken it to "Passive Yoga"

Pregnancy massage

Relax on our special pregnancy massage table and allow yourself and baby to be completely nurtured.

Relaxation massage

A gift of deep and exquisite healing on all levels

Chair massage

For those who want a "quick pick me up".

Perfectly portable which makes it easy for us to come to your office/shop/workshop and treat your staff(what a great way to say thanks!!!) Don't be fooled by the appearance, This is a highly effective way of treating the whole body as well as being very convenient. Just sit down relax and let us do the work!


It is administered by simply placing hands on, directing universal energy to stimulate the persons own energy to heal themselves.A warm tingling sensation is created as the body relaxes into an alpha state, generating a healthy flow of healing energy.


The focus of Yoga Therapy is to work with individuals addressing specific health challenges. By using the appropriate asanas and breathwork it allows the body, in it's entirety, to heal more rapidly and regain balance. A personal daily or weekly yoga program will be created just for you and your needs.


The NSR system provides the structure, steps and motivation to let go of the past, take action, move forward and manifest goals. By becoming aware of what is blocking us from achieving the life that we want, then releasing these old patterns/habits/ways of being. We clear a pathway to self realisation and happiness, in a way that is comprehensive and gentle enough for everyone to access.



$90 ( 1 hour)
$130 (1.5hrs)

Neuro Stress release


Yoga Therapy

$80 p/hr includes personal program and FREE CD "7 Minutes to Peace"


We stock pregnancy and hatha yoga dvds with inspiring yoga routines from beginner level to experienced. A fantastic way to grow your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home.

see website
for more information.

Also a few specific natural products to maintain optimum health and vitality.

ZAZEN water filterTransform normal tap water into refreshing and invigorating water of exceptional quality and taste. This multi stage filtration system delivers hydration direct to your body at a cellular level.


"The best massage I have ever had! BLISS. I feel like anything is possible.Thank you thank you thank you."

Personal Yoga class: "Thanks again for the session today Amy; I feel very soft, relaxed and clear. I feel that it has helped to change the way I think about my practice as well as dissolve some mental and physical blockages. It also gave me a new perspective on some of the standard postures. It was nice to be able to achieve this in a way that was focused but still 'light' - I got a lot out of it, so thank you!

"I still think about yoga with Amy when I think of deep relaxation. There was something so forgiving about the way Amy teaches, it's like it's okay if you can't do the posture perfectly, it's okay if you only feel like moving your body this way instead of another way. I loved my yoga experience with Amy and loved the feeling I had long after the class."

Pregnancy yoga DVD
"Sending thanks and praise to you and your classes Amy. I had the most amazing, easy, natural birth on Thursday night when our little girl entered this world 7lb 11 oz and beautiful! A speedy 7 hours from onset of 1st contraction to delivery. The midwives all love your CD! All tucked up at home 6 hours later, loving the babymoon. It really was a amazing and enjoyable experience and I can definately say the yoga was a huge part of me being able to get into that space. Thankyou again and see you at bubs yoga xxxxxxx" Donna

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