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Susan is a dedicated and qualified Naturopath with a deep commitment to the ongoing health and wellbeing of her patients.

Susan Anderson

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Herbal medicine
Vitamin and mineral therapy
Flower essences
Dietary and lifestyle advice
Chakra testing

Intuitive Counselling


Susan holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from the Southern School of Natural Therapies, and received and the award for the highest achievement in Herbal Medicine from the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

Susan also studied Medicine at Melbourne University and the Austin Hospital for four and a half years. She stopped this area of study as she became disenchanted with the restrictive view of health inherent in the western medical paridigm, and their reliance on drugs to maintain health.

Susan specialises in emotional health, children's health, and gut related conditions.

Susan is a married mother with three adult children, and has ample experience with both the physical and emotional aspects of childhood, teenage years and parenting.


Tired of always being unwell and fatigued?
You will learn how your body works and responds so that you can take charge of your own health. Susan believes strongly in returning the power for your health to you. You will find you have more energy and therefore a greater capacity to enjoy life.

Confused about allergies and what they may mean for you?
At your first visit Susan will explain the results of any previous tests. You will also learn why allergies may have only recently appeared and why they occur at all. Susan's treatment will give you relief from symptoms without needing drugs, and will heal your body so that the allergies don't recur. You no longer have to suffer from swelling, itching, redness and unsighlty skin.

Do you suffer from gut pain and constipation?
Irritable bowel syndrome is becoming increasingly common in the community. It is uncomforatble and debilitating. You can become pain free. Susan will give remedies to immediately reduce the symptoms and heal your body over time.

Do you find that you become sick at the same time every year?
Often the body remebers previous stresses or traumas, and around the anniversary of these times, makes you unwell. Emotional aspects are often linked to ongoing health issues. Susan can help you explore your emotional problems in a completely open, non judgemental and caring environment. You will learn techniques to help you deal with life's stresses to acheive the best vitality and health possible for you.

Do you have problems with self esteem?
Susan provides counselling that is supported by all the modalities offered to suit each individual’s need. You will be encouraged and supported while you unravel the mysteries of your emotional memories. Susan will help you to release unwanted emotional baggage and learn to feel free and happy.


Susan diagnoses her patients by taking a detailed case history of both current and past health to gain a comprehensive understanding of why the patient's body is presenting with the current symptoms. Following this, iridology and tongue analysis are used for confirmation and additional information about the patient's health. Hair analysis and urine testing for heavy metals is available if needed.

Susan uses muscle testing to help identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and to chose the most appropriate treatments for you as an individual.

Susan believes in the body's capacity to heal itself if given the correct circumstances and environment. Her treatment regime is based on choosing the most appropriate forms of therapy for each individual to allow healing to occur.


Muscle testing is a form of investigation which identifies the body's inherent needs. It works by biofeedback through the body's electrical circuits rather than muscle power. The body's energetic fields resonate with either the remedy you are holding, or your thoughts. If there is an imbalance anywhere, this registers as a stress causing a negative effect and the muscle being tested gives a weaker response. This procedure can be used for babies and children when seated on their parent's lap.

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  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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