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Servicing area: Ashgrove, Queensland

Susan Blackshaw
Susan Blackshaw offers Homoeopathic treatment for you and your family from the convenient location of Ashgrove

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Susan Blackshaw - Homeopathy

Homeopathically prepared medicines stimulate the body’s innate ability to repair, heal and restore balance to its optimal level.

Homeopathically prepared medicines are manufactured from natural substances, using a process that both dilutes toxicity from the original material and potentiates the healing properties that the original substance held, through a process known as ‘succusion’.

Homeopathic Medicines provide options for wellness seekers, are low risk and used for any age group.

Homeopathy cares for the individual holistically, the person behind the physical and or emotional reactions to the health issue or context, and not the disease label alone.

Homoeopathy has benefitted people with many conditions from minor to complex:

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