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Addictions - Depression - Weight loss - Stress.

InnerSight Hypnosis - Quit Smoking, Weight loss & Stress

Stop Smoking

Personal motivation is recognised as the most important factor in a smokers likelihood of success in quitting. We all know people who have been heavy smokers and one day simply decide to quit. However most who go 'cold turkey' have 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts before they finally succeed.

Using various stop smoking products, ie. patches, gums and sprays, deliver the same substance as cigarettes and actually cost you more than the cigarettes. The tobacco companies are still profiting hugely from people trying to quit. Also one only needs to browse the internet to find out the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical medications that supposedly help people to stop smoking.

Its now common knowledge that smoking increases depression and anxiety levels as it destroys the brains ability to produce serotonin. So smoking doesn't just effect your physical wellbeing, (lung, breast, bowel & pancreatic cancers) it is also taking a great toll on your mental and emotional health.

With Hypnotherapy, you can strengthen the motivation, believe it is possible for you to succeed, leave behind feelings of powerlessness and failure and be the authority in your life. No one wants an addiction to have power over them.

Three sessions over 2 weeks is usually sufficient to quit. The chemical withdrawal is usually complete within the first 2 weeks.

Alcohol, Drugs (both pharmaceutical & illegal), Gambling, Pornography and Food Addictions etc...

Overcoming addictions involves hope and optimism, moving beyond the old 'disease' model of addiction. A good hypnotherapist can successfully treat all sorts of addictions - not just smoking, but alcohol, drug dependence and gambling. Also more modern problems such as addiction to text messaging, to computer games and social media sites.

Weight loss Management

Hypnotherapy is most effective where the excess weight is related to specific behaviours eg

  • Emotional eating depression, boredom, loneliness, worry, stress, anxiety etc.
  • Binge eating, overeating,
  • Portion distortion
  • Night eating, secret eating
  • Reward eating
  • Chronic 'yoyo' dieting
  • Cravings - sweet or savoury, sugar, chocolate, soft-drinks, alcohol, biscuits, crackers, chips, cheese etc.

It is also very useful for enhancing self-esteem, motivation and to realise that it is actually possible to lose weight. As you wake up to new possibilities you become motivated to better manage yourself.

It is also essential to be working towards somethinghow your life will be when you are slimmer. When you are no longer keeping your energy and power tied up in obsessing about food and weight loss, you will have plenty of space to live more fully.

Once you have managed the emotional triggers, improved food intake, lost the cravings and got moving, youll realise that you have innate body wisdom and that food does not need to be a big deal at all and weight loss is a happy side-effect of positive living.

A course of Hypnotherapy for weight loss is 4 sessions.

  • Session 1 60 minutes consultation analysis emotional triggers, mind dialogue about failure, always and never thoughts etc. Personal weight loss outcome
    60 minutes first hypnosis session.
  • Session 2 30 minutes Nutritional/Iris analysis. Food habits. Exercise habits, help with cravings. Affirm healthy lifestyle and eating plan tailored to your individual needs and supported with Naturopathic therapies. 60 minute 2nd hypnosis session.
  • Session 3 90 minute 3rd Hypnosis session
  • Session 4 90 minute 4th Hypnosis session

What really matters is that a healthy weight is maintained for life.

Stress Management

Stress, what is it? Stress is our reaction to a perceived threat. We all know when we feel under stress, stressed out, stressed to the max, burnt out. We recognise it in others and in ourselves. It is measurable in our bodies through tension, heart rate, blood pressure, DHEA and Cortisol levels.

We are constantly adapting to changes in our accelerating world. Faster and faster we are confronted by not getting what we want and expect, and getting what we definitely dont want and expect. The adrenalin surge in the fight or flight reaction is triggered more and more as we perceive threats in our everyday lives.

We can become restless, driven, needing lots of holidays, we self-medicate with food, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Then we hit survival mode where we are living on adrenaline, irritable, inefficient, complaining, trouble with sleep, mental organization and repeated ailments of one sort or another.

The good news is that you can control stress by 're-wiring' yourself to feel great and in control of your reactions. You can strengthen your resilience, feel confident in your own resources, and live from a feeling of being much bigger than your problems.

4 sessions of Hypnotherapy and learning the skills of self hypnosis is enough to get back on track.


Hypnosis, used expertly, is a wonderful tool in helping treat depression. It helps to still the mind, which is just what depressed people who chronically ruminate need. It calms down the mind and body - extremely helpful, as depressed people always have higher than normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Hypnosis helps people sleep better, recoup lost energy and rehearse new positive behaviours, as well as building motivation to meet their emotional needs in satisfying ways.

That is why hypnotherapy sessions focusing on topics such as better sleep, calming anxiety, boosting self esteem and self confidence can all help depressed clients.

Its worth noting that 96% of depressed people also have anxiety symptoms see Stress management.

Depressed people tend to concentrate on the problem, thoughts spiraling down into hopelessness, unable to see any possibility of improvement. Some people experience learned helplessness, as if, in their life, no matter what they do, it wont make any difference. If they also have a pessimistic thinking style and then encounter a real problem, they can quickly collapse under pressure. This style of thinking is associated with always and never statements, and the idea that bad things are permanent eg dieting never works.

There can also be a tendency to catastrophise, whenever one thing goes wrong then everything I do is wrong. The negativity becomes universal.

The good news is that these are faulty thought patterns that can be identified and changed. Resilience can be learned. Ruminations on the past can be stopped. New patterns of thought can be created. A sense of control over ones own life can be gained. A new sense of possibility can be opened.



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