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May 2017

Be Well Naturopathy

Contact Name Susan Deeley
Phone 0894942079
Mobile 0433364654
Address Hamilton Hill WA 6163
Servicing Areas Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Cockburn, Spearwood,South of River

Reconnect with your Health and Vitality through Natural Medicine with Susan Deeley.

Susan Deeley Naturopath

How can I help you? 

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and a wholistic Mind-body approach.

My passion is to help people love themselves back to balanced health with safe, personalised, wholistic natural medicine. 

Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, Depression 

Commonly, my clients are stressed women who feel exhausted, with a tendency to depression and anxiety, often with thyroid, adrenal and/or digestive issues, who want to get back in touch with the joy of life and just feel better.

Digestive Health

Many people have underling gut issues and many health conditions come back to digestive issues, therefore they are imporant to address. IBS, SIBO, constipation, candida, parasites such as Blasto, and any sort of inflammation, are areas where Naturopathy can really be of benefit. 

Balancing Hormones

Whether its PMS, coming off the pill, hormonal acne, or coming into menopause, Naturopathy has solutions to help. 

Chronic Infections

I support people who have Lyme or Lyme-like conditions, or other chronic infectious bacterial, viral or fungal infections such as EBV, herpes & Ross River viruses, & strep bacteria . I understand the trauma and suffering these conditions can bring. 

Healthy Ageing

I also have an interest in helping both men and women in their 50s, 60s and beyond to age well with maximm vitality, and deal with the the conditions associated with ageing such as menopause and beyond, weight gain, high blood pressure and loss of libido. 

General Naturopathy

However I work with a wide range of people with many different issues, and I work from a wholistic perspective.  This means I treat you as a whole person, and help bring your whole being back into balance. Give me a call and see if I feel I can help you. 


Naturopathy recognises your unique individuality. Health and disease involve a complex interaction of physical, mental, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. As a Naturopath, I assess your situation and use a wide range of therapies that are safe, effective and support the body's ability to heal. 


1.  I take the time to connect with you, to build trust and rapport. That's why initial consultations take an hour or more, so that we have plenty of time. 

2. I use proven treatment protocols based on both the latest research and a long history of traditional use. Continual research and upskilling is a part of my commitment to my clients, and this is an exciting time for Natural Therapies. Scientific research in Natural Medicines such as herbs and nutrition is exploding, and this is leading to many new products and approaches as well as confirmation of our traditional roots. 

3. I work within the context of a Natural Medicine approach that focuses on people. This is not the same as a conventional medical-based approach which treats disease.  I see myself as working with Nature, supporting the way Nature works, and stimulating the healing power of Nature. This may involve gentle methods such as hydrotherapy, herbal medicine and dietary or lifestyle advice such as walking daily. I am always addressing the underlying root causes of conditions, and not just the symptoms.

4. I address the systems and organs in your body to regenerate and rebalance using specific herbs, nutrition, diet and lifestyle. This refers to, for example:

  • strengthening your immune system

  • reducing inflammation

  • nourishing the nervous system and adrenals

  • supporting release of toxins

  • addressing digestion including elimination

5. One of my main roles is to educate, to help you understand what is going on in your life and your body, and how you can support your body's natural healing processes. This is empowering and involves you taking some responsibility for moving forward. 

6. We move forward at your pace of sustainable change. That means, even though I will talk to you about eating a healthy diet and some lifestyle changes, I am not the food police, and I recognise that change can only occur at a rate that is achievable for you. We will set you up for success, not failure. I want you inspired, not disheartened. 

7. I commit myself 100% to understanding your underlying lifestyle and health issues, to providing you with achievable protocols, and to doing my best to help you become your healthiest, happiest self. 

Make an appointment today if you resonate with how I can help you. Contact me today.

Qualification Details

  • Grad Cert Evidence-based Complimentary Medicine (2016- Uni TAS)

  • Bachelor of Medicine Management with Professional Honours in Complimentary Medicine (2016-Uni TAS)

  • Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy (2016- Paramount)

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (2015-Health Schools Australia)

  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (2015-HSA)

  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition (2015-HSA)

  • Diploma of Naturopathy (1999-HSA)

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