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147 Mostyn St
Castlemaine VIC 3450

Servicing area: Castlemaine, Victoria

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Naturopathy is the use of natural medicine to support the body to a state of wellness and vitality.

Susan Lintott - Healing Well

Welcome to Susan Lintott Naturopathy, at Healing Well

Naturopathy and Massage. Castlemaine.

Naturopathy is the use of natural medicine to support the body to a state of wellness and vitality.

A naturopathic consultation involves questioning regarding current and past conditions, iridology and simple non-invasive tests to assess a person's current health condition. Naturopathy may incorporate diet and lifestlye advice, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and flower essences to assist a person into a healthy state of balance and vitality.

Conditions which naturopathy can assist include:
  • skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis;

  • hormonal balance including weightloss; anxiety and depression

  • menopausal symptoms

  • pregnancy preparation and fertility difficulties

  • allergy conditions and gut problems

  • arthritis and auto-immune conditions.... and much more.
Did you know?

Nutritional supplements can improve brain fuction and help with moods!

Nutrient deficiences can play a role in reduced brain fuction, mood disorders, altered attentional performance and stress levels. Iodine, Essential Fatty Acids, Phosphathidylserine, Magnesium, B Vitamins and Herbs such as Brahmi and Rhiodiola can all assist with cognitive function.

During your naturopathic session I can assess which nutrients would be most relevant to you and your needs and help get you to the mental state you would like to be in.

Some conditions will improve within weeks and others within months, depending on their complexity. Naturopathy has a lot to offer in the area of mental health and emotional wellbeing... please talk to me during your consultation regarding any areas of your health that you would like to improve upon.

Qualification details

Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy
Diploma of Nutrition
Diploma of Herbal Medicine
Certificate IV Massage

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Susan Lintott Naturopathy