Suzanne Scarrow

34 Cheviot st
Smithfield QLD 4870

Servicing area: Cairns QLD & Australia-wide

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Feeling stress? Looking for happiness? Want to have the best life you can have? Then maybe Suzanne Scarrow can help.

Registered Psychologist, Life Transformation Coach & EFT Tapping Practitioner

Who is Suzanne Scarrow?

I am Suzanne Scarrow, and I have been practising as a life transformation coach, EFT Tapping practitioner and registered psychologist for over 23 years now. My passion is helping people manage their stress, find their happiness and create the life of their wildest dreams.

How Can Suzanne Help You

I strongly believe that to be able to be successful in what we do, we first just have to get really uncomfortable in our lives and decide to make a change.

And to be able to help my clients, I use a powerful and unique combination of traditional talk therapy, EFT, the Law of Attraction and Matrix Re-imprinting to bring real and lasting results. I discovered this to be a fast and effective way to pinpoint and permanently clear the blocks and self-sabotaging patterns in their lives.

This unique methodology will help them shift their mindset, attention and energy so they can tap into becoming the innate manifesting machine they are born to become.

What Does She Offer

I offer various counselling services to my clients, depending on what they need.

Face-to-face Counselling

This is a one-hour session conducted to help clients resolve issues which they thought would take months to deal with. This is probably the most cost-effective counselling anyone has ever done. Clients will also learn during sessions techniques they can use to help themselves even on their own.

Client usually take around 5-6 sessions, but will still depend on them and their issues. But after the initial session, clients will already feel noticeable relief. And by the 3rd session, they will achieve significant results.

Medicare rebates and some private insurance rebats are available.

Internet Counselling

Using Zoom as a communication platform, my counselling services can also be available to clients all over the world. So no matter if they live in isolated areas where counselling is usually not available, clients can still benefit from the services offered - just as long as they have stable internet connection. Get the same excellent results of face-to-face counselling from the comfort of your home.

Telephone Counselling

Clients can also opt for telephone counselling services if internet connection is an issue.  Just call 0402 676 807  Wednesday to Friday, 9:00am to 5.00pm (EST).

To learn more about these counselling services, visit this website.

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Qualification details

Registered Psychologist Psychology Board of Australia
Accredited Certified Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer of Trainers, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults

Suzanne Scarrow

Suzanne Scarrow