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All programs and packages have the basis of kinesiology and we work on mindset, values and body integration in all aspects of life.

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5 Step Essentials Only Kit for Change
The Change Made Easy System
November 29th 2014 10-4pm

Healing isn’t supposed to be hard and neither is life. Imagine tapping into your own rhythm and key to change with ease in this one day workshop? Taught in 3 and 5 day retreats, we now have an “Essentials Kit” for everyone that only takes the “best of” to get maximum benefit for minimal give away prices. We will even shout you lunch!

A course created by Ani, Australia’s leading kinesiology and energetic partitioner for corporate and personal life has compiled a very practical essentials only workshop. Based on less is more, it is an introduction to kinesiology, tools and a predictable system that navigates through decision making, life change and challenges you can use for yourself, business or family.

Cells that fire together wire together as Dr Joe Dispenza says and this very unique workshop is the experience of firing together your heart, body and mind, reorganizing your neurology in a way that better serves you, your vision and simply having more of what you want in life.

It is that simple.

“Inspiring, fun and igniting ideas, vision and connection”

With the power of the top techniques for activating body and mind in kinesiology and neuro-training, from the success of over 7500 sessions and the music nutrition sounds, Ani has created and more accurately identified a Universal System for change.


“This workshop is pure joy that is practical and transformational”

Ani has worked as a mentor and coach to high level corporate individuals and companies providing guidance and business leadership development. She facilitates workshops worldwide.

As a director of Sydney Kinesiology and moving in the last few years to music writing and production, Ani is a sought after presenter at entrepreneurial events. She writes now with ARIA winners, won USA songwriting competition as artist of the year, won GOLD in ACS awards. Bringing music and medicine together, her voice and music she produces carry the words and healing energy into the cells of the body, dissipating fear and contraction. Her voice is the vehicle which has tapped into transformational vibrations that actually change ones state of being enabling clarity, empowerment and release of the very things we find hard to let go.

This workshop you will receive:
  • The change made easy system
  • Top 5 Mistakes People Make When trying to Health Report
  • 1 x Sounds of Solace Music-nutrition healing system CD $49.95
  • Workbook
  • $45 off a future Sydney Kinesiology Sessions
  • $45 off A Body Work Transformational session with

Sydney Kinesiology Associate Catherine Frith
  • Alkaline Refresher Pack
  • Refreshments and Lunch Included
  • Sounds of Sleep CD – $29.95

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Do you struggle to communicate?Have you lost confidence?Are you always tired?Have you lost a sense of purpose or feel disconnected?Would you like to say goodbye to guilt, fear and doubt?Do you want more out of life?Are you open and willing to let someone assist you to get the things you want?Kinesiology and Ani's approach offers solutions you can use forever!   Mention 'Natural Therapy Pages' when making a booking / enquiry and receive $15 off your first session! Health Fund Rebates Available

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Are you struggling with unavoidable change? Are you looking to increase energy, flow and let go of the dis-ease or difficulties?  

Sydney Kinesiology

Specialist in navigating though the toughest changes in your life. We work on Skype, run retreats, one on one sessions, programs.

Sydney Kinesiology

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