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Sydney Addiction Therapy

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Sydney Addiction Therapy is a one-on-one individual counselling treatment service with a skilled and experienced Addiction Therapist - available in person or online via Skype


Is Addiction Taking Control of Your Life?

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes, and 'rock bottom' is a very personal place ... but it's almost always a dark and lonely place.

Whether your addiction is alcohol, prescribed medications, social drugs, food, sex, work, shopping, gambling or some other addictive behaviour, there was probably a time when you were in control of these behaviours. Over time what was once pleasurable became unmanageable, addiction takes control of you and your life.

The GOOD News!
Addiction counselling therapy works. The first few months of recovery are the hardest, so that’s when we work on understanding the nature of addiction and what personal triggers cause cravings and impulsive reactions. We work on building a new ‘tool kit’ of skills, such as mindfulness, to managing cravings and to help cope with life’s stresses.

Between three to six months ‘normal’ thinking returns, impulsivity will be less and it’s easier to make decisions based on consequences and outcomes. We start to explore bigger and deeper aspects of life, aspects addiction helped us avoid, such as family, relationships, career and self-esteem. Counselling therapy works towards making the changes needed for living a fuller more satisfying life without active addiction.

"Hi Su ... I am well, still not even a drop after 10 months ... Being sober is pretty good and surprisingly easy!" - 'Steve'

Do you Suffer from Anxiety and/or Depression?

Once you might have used your addictive behaviour to manage depression or anxiety, but over time you have come to realise it has made it worse ... much worse. Most people don't realise alcohol is a depressant, and social and prescribed medication used to excess creates anxiety and panic attacks.

Would you like Help to Break the Cycle and Regain Control of your Life?

I am a skilled addiction therapist and I can help you gain the awareness you need to understand your addictive behaviour, no matter what it may be. I have helped many people regain control and assisted them to create a new and meaningful life.
"Dear Su ... Thank you, thank you so very much for the last twenty one months! It has been an incredible journey and I truly appreciate all that you have helped me with! I really am so happy to be me today and for the rest of my life. I so could not have been in such a great place without your guidance and wisdom."
- 'Mary'

How does Addiction Therapy work?

In our one-on-one sessions I am able to tell you how your body and brain becomes addicted to substances and behaviours. I can explain the disease model of addiction. I can give you simple exercises to help manage your anxiety and depression, and I can teach you new skills to help you make new choices that can free you from addiction. Sometimes we visit your past, your childhood and present family life and even your dreams. Together we work on understanding your addiction and over time you find acceptance for what you can and can't change about your life. As we progress I help you to explore ways to find balance in your new life.
"Dear Su ... I'm not sure if you get much feedback from your 'drunks' and 'druggies', and I have no idea if you welcome gratitude ... I am quite startled at what I've become since I first rolled up, bright-eyed and bewildered, all that time ago. I'm not perfect (yet), but it is nonetheless extraordinary to think sometimes how different things are. The stuff I found incredibly valuable was the life-skills work we did. It's fair to say that this work changed my life, and of course you were the catalyst here and you deserve and have many thanks."
- 'Bob'

Are you Uncertain that Counselling Treatment can help you?

Everyone is different and counselling treatment for addiction may not be for everyone, but I can assure you that I have helped many people whether they see me for one session or many. To effectively make the changes needed to return you to a happy and fulfilling life, Counselling Treatment for addiction generally takes between 6 to 12 months, though some people choose to continue therapy for longer.

Counselling Treatment requires commitment from you as my client and from me as your therapist. Together we take a journey into the fears, grief and uncertainty your life has become, into the life where you grieve the loss of what was once your 'best 'friend' and what has now become your addiction.
"Hello Su ... as my primary counsellor, you should know that what you did seems still to be working. Not quite sure how, but it does! Thank you"
- 'Greg'

All addiction eventually has a negative affect on our lives ... on our health, our emotional well-being, our work and financial stability and, perhaps most importantly, on our relationships. We begin to see our friends, colleagues and family divided into two camps, those who are part of our addiction and those who are rejecting us and our behaviour.

Do you feel alone in your addiction?

There was probably a time when your addiction helped you to be accepted by friends, colleagues and family. A time when your addiction made it easier to cope with lifes ups and downs. But over time priorities change from trying to cope with our lives to trying to cope with our addiction. We find there are less and less people in our lives who understand our struggles.

Sydney Addiction Therapy is a one-on-one individual counselling treatment service with a skilled and experienced Addiction Therapist. This therapy is available either in person or online via Skype.

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