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symmetry & balance

Wonga Park VIC 3115

symmetry & balance
I instruct Bhava Yoga – a specific and unique style of Hatha Yoga combining breath work, graceful transitions and creative visualisation.

symmetry & balance - Yoga & Relaxation

Bhava Yoga is nurturing and restful, re-energising the body, replenishing your energy and calming your mind. Always starting with a Yoga Nidra – a relaxing meditation method that quietens your mind to help calm you down from a long and busy day – we then transition into gentle postures combined with breath-work to develop harmony and inner peace.

Promoting flexibility and suppleness of your mind, body and spirit, relaxation and mindful breathing, the classes that I hold are suitable for all abilities and ages. No previous knowledge or experience is required. All equipment is provided – blankets, mats etc.

Class schedule is listed below

All classes are $20.00 and run for one hour

    My classes are small and friendly and I offer

  • Yoga and

  • Meditation / Yoga Nidra

Private classes are available by appointment

These are booked in a block of three and paid in advance.

The cost for three classes is $285.00 for 1 x 90 minute class and 2 x 70 minutes

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