Synchronicity by Tracey Herbert

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Servicing area: Adelaide CBD, North Adelaide, Mile End, Torrensville, Hindmarsh, Prospect.

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International Massage Championship - Copenhagen, Denmark 2021

A long time ago in 1998 I pursued massage and completed a course, the first time I practised on a friend at home weird things happened, I could feel energy sensations under my finger tips and visions played out in my mind..

On the last day of the course the instructor pulled me aside and shared with me an extraordinary story, something strange that happened in a former class with a student while practising on another student. It was odd to me that he was only sharing this story with me and one other, it impacted me in a way that made me push further, to reach deeper and go beyond what was taught in a class.

When in doubt do nothing and then do what comes natural, that is my mantra. I stood back and watched my hands do the work as they knew exactly what to do..
Nature knows no constraints, no certificates or walls to place them upon, it simply does what it was born to do and adapts to the conditions in which it finds itself.

I have stayed true to my natural ability and pushed through the ridicule as society rewards education and frowns upon anything alternative and spiritual. I was totally surprised one day to come across a post on my Instagram feed promoting the International Massage Championship, holy dooly.. I did not know such an event existed until that moment. At last.. An opportunity for me to receive a form of recognition. After further investigation I decided to enter and I was accepted. It’s mostly about sharing and learning from other practitioners and a chance for a wonderful massage treatment from a world class masseuse, I was so looking forward to that aspect of it. 2020 the world was cancelled.. This time last year I was all booked, excited for my trip to Copenhagen, I had thought that was that until a few weeks ago I received an email informing me of a ‘Hybrid’ version. I can still enter this year in my own work space on zoom, you can imagine my delight, a blessing, I am so excited and ready for June 18.

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Synchronicity by Tracey Herbert