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Synergy Healing
Treatments are conducted as either Bhava Balancing or BodyTalk sessions.

Synergy Healing - Treatments

Treatments at Synergy Healing combine holistic counselling driven by your psychological makeup and belief system with the powerful energy healing modality of BodyTalk to achieve effective results and positive changes over time.

The overall aim is to focus on and treat your body as a whole, consisting of a mind, body and spirit; so that you can integrate and receive healing that will help you to live a better life. The focus is on empowering you to not only overcome a concern you may currently be facing but to help you in journeying into a more complete and vibrant life ahead.


Clients who receive BodyTalk will experience improved clarity and a sense of lightness or a release of stress or tension. Outlook, mood and wellbeing strengthen over time provided revelations and guidance from the session are observed. In some cases a temporary dip in symptoms or mood might come about as the body processes and removes energetic or mental blocks.

Additional sessions help in integrating the physical, psychological and vibrational health that was initially requested by your body and helps in enhancing your body’s innate system of healing itself.

Sessions are able to help in the improved management of recovery from a range of emotional concerns including anxiety, stress, self-esteem, confidence, trauma, grief, depression, abuse & specific or general fears.

Concerns around relationship issues, career or life transitions, acceptance & love struggles, personal development, performance enhancement, mental blocks, general motivation, identity, clarity, spirituality and purpose can all be addressed.

Other treatments include: 

  • Bhava Balancing: Bhava Balancing is a combination of holistic counselling and coaching.

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