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Book now MYOTHERAPY: A WELLNESS APPROACH TOWARDS OPTIMAL HEALTH     SPECIALISING IN Myotherapy with a holistic approach to your Wellbeing. With today's busy and demanding lifestyle it is inevitable that our body will experience some form of distress and muscular discomfort. From emotional stress related conditions, occupational or sporting injuries, muscular pain and discomfort, to a decrease in physical fitness and changes to your body composition. These can lead to long term symptoms impacting on your quality of life. My methods is bringing my 25 years of Remedial Massage and 20 years of Myotherapy experience together with, other modalities and therapies studied over the years, to assist you in the best way possible. This holistic approach brings an awareness back to your mind/body. This is by implementing postural and functional exercises, strength and conditioning training, nutritional advice, health coaching techniques and treatment to your musculo-skeletal system. The hallmark of a good treatment plan is in the restoration, prevention and maintainence thereby giving you long term change and health benefits. Table for One: Aims to bring a positive outlook as well as health and wellbeing back into your control, so that the pain and discomfort does not CONTROL you. The goal is to achieve this with minimal consultations with an emphasis on self help programs to ensure rapid recovery and a painfree lifestyle. Myotherapy and Remedial Massage and other Theraputic tools can make a big difference in your day to day life and I am ready to assist you.  My role with the 25 years of experience in Myotherapy and Remedial Massage is in ASSISTING YOU to achieve and maintain excellence in your health so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest and FEEL GOOD. Being aware of what you do, think and say will ultimately reflect in your physical being. AWARENESS is the key for change. Table for One: Philosophy is: "Every BODY is unique, requiring personalised care to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle” By Appointment Only: All consultations are by Appointment Only and you can choose your prefered time by booking online. If you prefer a more personal touch I will attend to enquiries of both phone messages and emails as promptly as can I will always do my best to arrange a suitable time by calling 0418 556311 or email.  Table For One; Intergrated Body Therapy has been established since 1996 is located in the heart of Moonee Ponds shopping district since 2000 and is the current clinic premisses since 2006. Josie Colicchia's passion for the work continues to be fuelled by the desire to empower her clients to understand the holistic approach for wellness through education and self awareness.  

Table for One: Myotherapy & Integrated Body Therapy

Servicing area

Moonee Ponds, Victoria

Focus areas

Motivation Joy Wellness Headaches Lower back pain Frozen shoulder


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Josie Colicchia Myotherapist 

Josie is a qualified Myotherapist Adv.Dip.Applied Science Myotherapy(RMIT)Dip. Remedial Massage and member of MA (Myotherapy Association), and Josie is recognised as a health care provider by Workcare and a number of health funds. She has 24 years experience as a Massage therapist and 20 years as a Myotherapist, including 2 years as part of AFL "Western Bulldogs" Sports Medicine Team, 7 years at "Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic" one of Melbourne’s leading Sports Medicine Centre and 6 years with the "Moonee Ponds Mind Body Health Centre" one of the largest holistic Health Centre in Victoria and 2 years in "Corporate Health Management". Josie's Philosophy is "Every Body is unique, requiring personalised care to achieve and maintain Health and Well being". Josie's specialities include Myofascial Dry Needling and hands on skills are wide and varied. Josie has developed an integrative approach to her work. She believes awareness is the first step towards change and healing and works with clients to develop and deepen their own awareness.

Some Areas of expertise include; Chronic Pain Relief Management, Sporting Injuries Management, TMJ Dysfunction, Migraine & Headache relief management, Mind/Body integration. 


“ Your process of elimination and treatment to cure my migraines has been life changing for me, my family and a career that’s performance was affected by the constant “Monday Migraine”. Having full health back is a precious thing indeed! Your work and spirit has been my saviour"

Lucy, P.

I have been getting suppot from Josie for around 7 years following a car accident where I sustained some ongoing neck and back pain. Josie assists me with preventative maintenance and her holistic approach ensure I'm aligned and feeling as good as possible. Josie is honest and transparent during our sessions and has also referred me to other useful services. Highly recommend!!"  

Angela, C.


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Myotherapy (muscle therapy) is concerned with the treatment and restoration of muscular and soft tissue structures - tendons and ligaments, and the prevention of damage which may lead to pain and dysfunction affecting human movement. Myotherapy is a physical, drug free therapy and is part of the allied health professions. Through a careful comprehensive assessment involving muscle testing, palpating muscles for irregularities, and reviewing related matters such as posture, past injuries, daily activities and nutrition, a cause related to your symptoms can be identified and rectified to ensure long term relief. Myotherapy utilises comprehensive and natural approaches, and, combined with other complementary techniques it is used as a preventative, rehabilitative and corrective measure to keep muscles healthy and minimize stress related conditions - thus improving general health and wellbeing.


      Headaches/migraines; whiplash/neck stiffness; poor posture;
      stress/tension; frozen shoulder; tennis elbow; golfers elbow;
      repetative strain injury(RSI); arthritis; scoliosis; lower back pain;
      sciatica; hamstring injury; knee pain; shin pain; calf pain;
      sporting injuries; mental and physical fatigue;
            and much more....

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above and have exhausted your options with little or NO change. "IF YES "then expect a change and begin to experience life differnetly.


    • Your health and wellbeing
    • Reduction of muscular pain
    • Increase in efficiency of muscles
    • Reduction in muscular tightness
    • Increase in your flexibility and strength
    • Much more Energy


    • soft tissue manipulation
    • myofascial technique
    • deep tissue massage
    • trigger point therapy
    • dry needling
    • stretching and;
    • corrective exercises


    • Remedial Massage 
    • Sport Massage
    • Theraputic Massage 

Other complementary healing techniques which enable the body to release blockages and achieve a more balanced state include:

    • traditional cupping
    • reflexology
    • Reiki and;
    • Myopractic


    • Personal Training
    • Life Coaching
    • Reiki
    • Myopractic
    • Clinical Hynotherapy
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Josie Colicchia

As a Personal Training Consultant and Personal Wellness Coach in Life Strategies & Enhancement my focus is on AWARENESS. My role will be to not only strengthen the physical body but also to assist you in bringing a balance into your life so that the outcome is a more relaxed, peaceful, energetic, enjoyable and a positive YOU and lifestyle. Being aware of what you do, think and say will ultimately reflect in your physical being. Awareness is the key for change.

My passion and experience is in Wellness which encapsulates a whole body approach. Weight Loss and Gain, motivational strategies, mentoring and coaching, I will walk you through with support and gentleness.

As a consultant in "Personal Training", I will direct you to the right area that will assist you in getting yourself back on track. I have a great referral base of health practitioners that I work closely with and with the right guidance YOU can achieve anything.

As a "Wellness Coach' its aimed at personal lifestyle changes with guidance and assistance in facilitating changes to your health and wellbeing. Changes towards a healthier you and what they may look like to achieve those goals. That may include understanding healthier eating guidance for nutritional balance which may include some guidelines for weightloss or weightgain. Ultimately a Healthy at Every Size approach is the Key.

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