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Tai Chi Academy

Learning Tai Chi with the Academy

The Tai Chi Academy, which has no religious connections, has been conducting courses at many convenient locations in Canberra since 1982. Chief Instructor Brett Wagland, who is the director of the Academy and Fontane Ip, assistant director, have studied with well respected teachers, including Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan, 5th generation ambassador of Yang Style.

Brett and Fontane also had the good fortune to train with the founder of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi system, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, Feng Xiu Qian (his daughter) and Chen Xiang (his senior disciple.)

Brett and Fontane are the creators and presenters of the television series "Let’s Get Fit", an innovative exercise program of 65 episodes, based on Tai Chi. This most popular program on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel is the first of its kind in Australia. The series is also broadcast in Central America, South America and Europe.

The Academy aims to offer its students the very best Tai Chi training at an affordable price. Its professional instructors have successfully trained thousands of people of all ages and occupations to enjoy the many health benefits of Tai Chi.

The Academy also conducts stress management workshops and courses for government departments and private companies.

Our Courses

Beginners' Tai Chi Courses
Relieve Stress and Improve your Health. Highly recommended by many doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and health professionals.

Yang Mian Martial Arts
Fast Track Your Skill with Yang Mian. Increase Your Flexibility and Develop Explosive Internal Power that You can Hear, See and Feel!

Continuing Tai Chi Students
You may attend as many classes per week as you wish at no extra cost.

Tai Chi & Meditation Retreat 13-17 Apr
Relax the Body and Calm the Mind. Flow Like a River and Be Still as a Mountain.

Wu Dao Gong Martial Arts
Fitness, Health and Self Defence. Empower Your Life with Wu Dao Gong.

Wudang Jan Course
Suitable & beneficial for everyone. No experience is necessary.

Qigong for Health & Vitality
Experience the Wonderful Health Benefits of Qigong for Yourself ! Suitable for everyone. No pre-requisite necessary. Easy and enjoyable to do.

Powerful Self Healing Qigong Jan Course
Create Greater Health & Well Being with Self Healing Qigong. Suitable & beneficial for everyone.

Meditation Course
Calming Meditation. Experience Relaxation and the Peace of Contentment.

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Continuing Students
- For students who have completed the Beginners' course, including those who wish to revise the Beginners' course.

Our Products

"Gain the 12 Relaxation and Health Benefits of Tai Chi in the Convenience of Your Own Home When You Use our Easy to Follow Instructional DVDs!"

Many people have commented, "At last! A Tai Chi video that I can follow and learn from!" Why miss out on the relaxation and health benefits you could be enjoying? Now is the time to add a dose of tranquillity to your life!

These DVDs are perfectly suitable for beginners. However, no matter what style of Tai Chi you are doing, you will benefit from these foundation essentials. They are necessary ingredients to enable practitioners to achieve higher levels in Tai Chi training.

Your form will naturally improve because your mind will be calmer and more focused. Your body will be more relaxed, flexible, coordinated and supple from practising these exercises.

Your video collection will not be complete without this series of Tai Chi DVDs!
  • Tai Chi DVDs
  • Unique Bang (Stick) DVD package
  • Stress Relief in the Workplace DVD
  • Special Ruler Qigong DVD package
  • Exercises for Arthritis DVD
  • Tai Chi video tape
  • Cannon Fist DVD
  • Ba Duan Jin Qigong DVD
  • Tai Chi Book
  • Tai Chi Martial Arts Explained DVDs
  • Taoist Qigong DVD

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