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Looking for a way to reward your staff for all their hard work? Or maybe you'd like to pamper your clients? TakeASeat is your one-stop shop for all your Corporate Massage and Wellness activities.

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If you're thinking you or your staff can’t spare 5-15 minutes to have a quick massage, we'd like to share some information and ask you to consider whether you can afford not to!

Recent World Health Organisation (WHO) studies have shown that workplace health programs have the potential to reduce sick leave by 30% and increase productivity by up to 53%. As you can see, the benefits of a corporate wellness initiative far outweigh the cost.

Many businesses have realised the benefits of a 5 -15 minutes seated massage. Massage is offered during work hours, reducing stress and pain and increasing team morale. Most businesses subsidise the cost of the massage and others allow their staff time off work to attend. Some firms witness such obvious benefits that they opt for weekly sessions, while others book fortnightly or monthly.

If multi-tasking is your thing, imagine how much you could get done if you struck a work-life balance while you worked!

"These days, life can feel full to the brim, with not enough time to fit everything in."

Have you heard your staff say this kind of thing? It could be time to consider integrating workplace massage into their days.

What does TakeASeat have to offer?

We have a range of relaxing, therapeutic massages for you and your staff to choose from.

Chair Massage

TakeASeat's chair massage is suitable for 15 - 45 minute sessions. This timing enables treatment of back, shoulders, neck, head and arms on an ergonomic chair. When the chair is located in a separate room, this type of massage enables your staff to relax and detach from the office stressors.

Chair massage is carried out fully-clothed and the therapist uses techniques that don’t call for oils. Oil can be used on request.

Workstation Massage

TakeASeat's workstation massage involves your Massage Therapist delivering massages of between 5 - 15 minutes while your staff are seated at their desks. They're able to keep working or simply relax and bliss out. Workstation massage usually targets high tension zones like the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Table Massage

Table Massage is TakeASeat's deluxe workplace massage. We will bring a massage table, towels, creams and music. Your staff will be pampered for 30 - 90 minutes. This therapy most often occurs in a separate room, where the stress of the day is able to be totally forgotten.

Ask About Our Massage Vouchers

Massage vouchers are a great gift idea for staff rewards, birthday presents, wedding gifts, new parents etc.


Prices start at $80 an hour for a Massage Therapist with chair and workstation
  • $90 an hour for a Massage Therapist and table massage
  • $100 an hour for a Massage Therapist outside working hours

Prices may vary depending on frequency and location

Payment options

100% employer-funded:
The business purchases the service. This may be as a casual one-off, or regular service. Employer funded is the most common payment method.


The business subsidises the cost and staff cover the remainder.

100% employee-funded:
The employees pay for the massages. This can be on a casual one-off basis or as a regular service.

Our minimum booking time is 2 hours.


Here's some feedback from previous clients:

“We have fortnightly massages at work and the difference in participants was remarkable with a new light in their eyes and a spring in their step. It is very beneficial, reduces stress, relieving sore shoulders/necks and a high point in the day to look forward to.”

Phyllis, Perth Passport Office

“Once you’re in a seated massage you often drift off to another world, leaving you totally refreshed when you come out. The massages leaves us with a feeling of newness as we return to work.”

Binh, Edith Cowan University

Would you like to raise your staff morale and book a rejuvenating Corporate Massage? Call Take A Seat to book or alternatively, click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

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