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Tania Dionisio


Kew Holistic Health
77 Willsmere Rd
Kew VIC 3101

Servicing area: Armadale, Victoria

Tania Dionisio

Reiki is a universal life force energy that is channelled through the practitioner who is highly trained as a healer.

Tania Dionisio - Energy Healing

What is Shambala Reiki?

Shambala Reiki is primarily based upon the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, but differs in that is focuses on healing at the cellular and DNA level. It will also connect the individual to their Higher Being, their divine blueprint. Shambala Reiki looks to increase the body’s vibration to a higher level, working primarily through the crown chakra and the connection to the Divine.

What you can expect during a session?

The initial session will include a healing and cleanse of your energy system, and a profound intuitive reading. I receive spiritual guidance of your overall wellbeing including the big picture of your situation (the soul’s perspective). I am able to receive healing energy to help your healing of any blockades in your system and guide you through this process.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhancesphysical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases energy levels/ life force

  • Assists clarity to deal with life’s issues

  • Releases suppressed emotions, and physical blocks

  • Relieves pain and clear toxins

  • Reduces stress

  • Fosters mind, body and spirit alignment

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