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Maximise your present and future health while minimising genetic health risks, when you organise your next DNA Testing session with Tania Flack. Suitable for people of all ages

Tania Flack - DNA Testing


A simple saliva test is all that is needed in order for our Naturopath Tania to help you better understand your inner health. Bringing people living in the greater Eastern Suburbs area the latest in health testing, this predictive, preventative, personalised health care system can truly change your life for the better.

This pain-free test will highlight the dietary and lifestyle choices that you should be making, in order to live a longer, happier and healthier life. So if you're ready to take control of your present and future health, then just give Tania a call today to organise your next DNA Testing session!

What Health Issues Can Be Highlighted During a DNA Test?

Genomic Wellness DNA Testing provides you with information on several key areas of health:


    • Cholesterol


    • Diabetes


    • Weight Management


    • Inflammation


    • Adrenal health


    • Stress Response


    • Sports Performance


    • Exercise Recovery


    • Coeliac Disease


    • Essential Fatty Acids


    • CoQ10


    • Vitamin Pathways


    • Detoxification Pathways


    • Estrogen Metabolism


    • High Blood Pressure


    • Sodium Sensitivity


    • Lactose Intolerance


    • Methylation pathways


    • Caffeine Metabolism

Why Should You Have a DNA Test?

If you're looking to gain more in-depth knowledge about your inner health & overall wellbeing, then a professional DNA Testing session with Tania Flack is perfect for you. As DNA testing provides comprehensive information about your unique genetic profile, they are suitable for people of all ages - including Children and the Elderly.

DNA testing investigates the genes in your body that can influence your biological pathways, which in some instances cause ill health or disease. By understanding how these genes work and the impact they can have on your health over the course of your lifetime, you can improve your wellbeing and reduce your risk of disease.

You will also receive practical and easy to understand information from Tania, about the nutritional and naturopathic changes that you can make to your diet. This information will allow you to create a wellbeing plan, which will allow you to continue to ward off diseases and ailments that you may be genetically prone to.

NOTE: This one off test provides you with information that you can use throughout your life. Still want to know more about DNA Testing? Then just click here to read our FAQ's section or to view a Video about how a sample is collected.

DNA Testing Prices


    • Initial Screening Appointment (1 hour) – $180


    • GenomicsWellness DNA Test (saliva test) – $396


    • DNA Report – $90


    • DNA Report of Findings Appointment (1 hour) – $180

Total of all 3 DNA Tests (including two appointments, full DNA report and summary of recommendations report) – $846

For more information about any of the professional DNA Testing sessions that are on offer or to book in your next consultation, just give Tania a call or send her a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below



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Tania Flack - Naturopath and Nutritionist