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Mar 2013

Tanya Keam Wellness-Acupuncture & Natural Health

Contact Name Tanya Keam
Phone 0417 732 260
Address 5/1 Indiana Pl
Kuluin QLD 4558
Servicing Areas Buderim, Kuluin, Mooloolaba, Forest Glen, Maroochydore, Woombye
Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxa, cupping and nutrition.
Women's health and fertility, endometriosis, pain management, anxiety.

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Tanya Keam Wellness ~ Acupuncture & Natural Health

Acupuncture effects every major system of the body, including the cardiac, gastrointestinal, circulatory, cerebral, genitourinary, endocrine and immune systems. Ever wonder why an acupuncturist asks you about your digestive bowel habits, sleep patterns, and whether you get sick very often, all within the same treatment? Although our body is made up of different systems, they do function separately but also together as a whole.

The Chinese have been aware of the importance of preventative medicine for thousands of years. Ancient physicians recognized that neurovascular nodes (acupuncture points) on the surface of the body could reflect disease conditions in the internal organs, and that these same nodes could be stimulated to relieve pain and treat internal organ problems. This was a revolutionary discovery that formed the theoretical basis for acupuncture. 

Other techniques used (see below).


    • Pain in the body


    • Musculoskeletal - shoulder, neck, lower back, knee pain


    • Headache, migraine


    • Digestive upset


    • Menstrual irregularity, PMS, period pain, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis


    • Low energy, chronic fatigue


    • Poor sleep


    • Stress


    • Sinus, allergic rhinitis, respiratory complaints


    • Male and female fertility, IVF support, labour induction


    • Anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations


    • Rehabilitation



Moxibustion is a technique using the herb Mugwort that is heated. This technique is applied to warm and stimulate the point/needle and can also be used in larger areas on the body to help promote blood flow, thus increasing the healing of damaged tissues.

Cupping involves sterile glass cups applied to an area of the body using a suction effect. This technique is used to assist in the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Cupping can be used to free up tight areas in the body such as a sore/tense shoulder and also helpful in drawing out a flu virus/cold from the body.

Gua sha is a scraping technique using oil and the soft rounded edge of a ceramic spoon on the skin. "Gua" means to scrape and "Sha" refers to the fluids that contain metabolic waste that accumulate in the tissues and muscles. Gua sha and cupping therefore break up the blockages so that blood and energy can flow freely.

Cupping and Gua sha may leave marks on the skin for a few days which may look like bruising. Rest assured both techniques are safe and effective in treatment and results are often fast and effective. Consent is always gained for both techniques.

Health rebates are available.

Appointments with Tanya are available by appointment at:

5/1 Indiana Place
Queensland 4558
Ph: 0417 732 213
HICAPS available


To request more information relating to Tanya Keam's practice, please email via the email enquiry options at the top and bottom of this page. Alternatively, phone Tanya on her mobile or the clinics she practices from.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture
Diploma Remedial Massage
Zen Thai Shiatsu Certificates
Reiki Level 1
Australian Bush Flower Essences

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Tanya Keam Wellness ~ Acupuncture & Natural Health Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxa and cupping, nutritional support.Women's health and fertility, pain managem...

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