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How well do you know your family medical history? Be guided through these testing procedures.

Genetic Testing & Live Blood Analysis

Want to see your cells and understand the workings of your DNA? Taylor Made Health provides genetic testing and live blood analysis in Miami QLD to help you identify which type of exercise, diet and lifestyle plan works best for you.

Genetic Testing

Some activities and foods benefit others, while they harm you because of DNA incompatibility. A genetic testing, which is performed with an oral swab, allows you to see right into your cells and determine what’s right and what’s hurtful to your body.

Genetic testing works on anybody, even babies. You can undergo the test at your preferred company.

Live Blood Analysis: The Oxidative Stress Test

This pathology test allows you to see your cells in real time through a microscope. It helps you determine the amount of oxidative stress in your body and which foods your body cannot tolerate.

Aside from a blood test, you may also undergo other tests like hair mineral testing, stool test and lyme disease diagnostic test, among others.

Book an appointment to learn how these pathological tests can lead to the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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