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Taylor Made Health

Elizabeth Taylor

2190 Gold Coast Hwy
Miami QLD 4220

Servicing area: Miami, Surfers Paradise & Gold Coast QLD

Taylor Made Health

Finding the root problem of your condition allows your body to heal.

Naturopathic Clinic, Yoga Teacher & Provider of General & Preventive Health Treatments

Discover the Path to Healing

The road to a better life begins here at Taylor Made Health, a naturopathic clinic in Miami QLD that specialises in the treatment of the root cause of a condition.

Our founder, Elizabeth Taylor, helps boost the health and overall wellness of our clients using research-based methods. Prior to putting up her clinic, she had worked for pharmacies and health food shops for more than 10 years.

Elizabeth addresses all kinds of health disorders through a holistic approach consisting of diet and nutritional supplements, liquid and encapsulated herbal formulas, and genetic testing and live blood analysis. The last is very important as it gives us a thorough understanding of our body’s condition and how to maximise its innate capability to heal on its own.

Upon completion of her degree, Elizabeth delved deeper into the realm of health, fitness and wellbeing. Her desire to sustain a healthy body drove her interest to learn the best strategies to manage and counter pain and discomfort brought about by various diseases.

A Yoga Teacher  

Aside from working with medicinal herbs and introducing helpful lifestyle and dietary programs, Elizabeth incorporates yoga into her treatment plan. She believes that strengthening the body and calming the mind through this workout leads to healing. 

Various yoga asanas promote body and mind alignment, which helps one regain their focus and revive their strength.

Provider of General and Preventive Health Treatments

No problem is too big for Elizabeth. She’s a well-versed naturopath who sees anyone regardless of their age. She never fails to come up with the best treatment plan after conducting an in-depth examination of a client’s symptoms.

The breadth of her analysis of blood results and other pathology findings lead her to the underlying causes of a condition and the best approach to restoring one’s health.

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Qualification Details

BHSci (Comp. Med)
Adv. Dip. Nat
Adv Dip W. Herb Med