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Let your body do the talking. Kinesiology speaks to your innate wisdom to balance your body holistically. I'll help you with emotional/mental, physical/structural, nutritional and spiritual stress

True Balance Within Kinesiology - Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a gentle and safe healing modality that accesses the subconscious mind to find the cause of presenting symptoms. Symptoms are a way for your body to communicate that your energy is out of balance and it would like some help.

This help may come in the form of releasing suppressed emotions, clearing outdated belief symptoms, working with specific colour, balancing your meridian and chakra energy, releasing shock, trauma or emotional upset from past experiences, finding the foods that help raise your energy and much more.

Symptoms may also be there for your awareness, for you to see you keep ending up in a similar situation that is not in your best interest. Symptoms might be telling you it is time for a change.

Imagine being able to live life fully present. To step forward confidently into your ideal future. Imagine a life of vitality, joy, abundance and living ‘your’ dream. Imagine making empowering decisions from choice rather than fear. Kinesiology is a deep lasting technique that taps into your body’s own awareness to find the answers.

Benefits of Kinesiology


    • It helps your body restore balance (homeostasis)


    • Helps release stress and anxiety


    • Helps process shock and trauma


    • Releases emotional triggers or reactions


    • Helps you become proactive rather than reactive


    • Releases negative emotional effects of depression, guilt, anger, phobias, addictions


    • Can help locate the cause of physical symptoms


    • Helps with social interaction and relationship problems


    • Assists with learning difficulties and concentration


    • Assists with motivation and life direction


    • Helps clear the cause of procrastination


    • Improves clarity, focus, awareness


    • Assists with feeling stuck or disconnected


    • Aligns your energy with your goals


    • Empowers you to make conscious decisions


    • Enhances self-awareness


    • It helps you feel better


    • Children - Kinesiology is safe and can help children with things such as birth trauma, learning difficulties, nightmares, skin conditions, effects of bullying, self-confidence. Sessions for children under 12 are 30mins. Children over 12 are 1 hour.


    • Pets – Animals experience energy imbalances just as much, if not more than humans. Pets take on the emotional upsets and energy imbalances from their owner and their environment. They also experience trauma from ill treatment, accidents and neglect. Kinesiology helps balance their energy for greater healing. Animal sessions are done as a distant healing.


Distant and Online Healing

Distant Healing is where your healing can be done without physically being present in the clinic. You can live in the next town or on the other side of world and still receive a transformational healing. I do distant healing in two ways.

  • By Email: Simply send me an email with your name, date of birth, a recent photo and any details of what you would like me to address in the healing. If there is nothing specific, your body will be the guide. I connect with your energy while doing the muscle testing and corrections using myself as a surrogate. Once the session is complete, I send all details in a return email. Online bookings can be done via my website. Times and prices are Australian. Payment is by credit card or PayPal.


  • Online: This healing is done face-to-face online using Skype or Zoom. I connect with your energy while doing the muscle testing on myself as a surrogate and then ask you to do the corrections. Online bookings can be done via my website. Times and prices are Australian. Payment is by credit card or PayPal.
    Everything in life is energy, we are all connected. Distant Healing really is a lovely way to receive healing help even when you live remotely, you are never alone.

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True Balance Within Kinesiology