True Balance Within Kinesiology

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Tuning forks combine sound and vibration to promote inner healing

True Balance Within Kinesiology - Tuning Forks

The combination of sound and vibration of the Tuning Forks travel deeply into the body via the meridian system (energy pathways) and chakra’s of the body. The Tuning Forks are used to correct imbalances, uncover emotions, and stimulate growth to achieve that inner harmony and peace.

The tuning forks can help with such things as:


    • physical pain, muscle tension, headaches


    • anxiety, depression, stress


    • insomnia, dizziness, digestive problems

The forks are placed on specific areas such as:


    • Acupressure points


    • Acupuncture points


    • Chakra points


    • Meridian points


    • Pain site

Each tuning fork is tuned to a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the earth, moon, sun and planets. The rich resonance and vibrations of the tuning forks connect and support the body’s natural frequencies thus bringing it into alignment with the natural universal cycles. When the body is in alignment or balance, negative cellular patterns, emotional blockages are released.

True Balance Within Kinesiology