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TEMENOS Psychotherapy & Counselling

Adriana Seifertova

Servicing area: Blue Mountains and NSW

TEMENOS Psychotherapy & Counselling

Adriana's theoretical orientation is a blend of transpersonal and cognitive approaches as she views spirituality, creativity and integration as essential elements of good health. In treatment, she utilizes variety of modalities and research based interventions according to the specific needs of the individual, including Depth oriented psychotherapy, Sandplay, EMDR, NET, Biofeedback, mindfulness based practices, dream work, art making and visualisation. 

TEMENOS Psychotherapy & Counselling - Services


Adriana provides supervision, counselling and psychotherapy to adults and adolescents, who require support for a variety of issues that include but are not limited to:

    • Anxiety
    • Anger and frustration
    • Loss and grief
    • Loss of meaning and direction
    • Cross-cultural issues (displacement)
    • Psycho-spiritual crisis (deep need for self-understanding)
    • Depression
    • Trauma recovery
    • Relationship concerns
    • Life transitions
    • Life-threatening illness / cancer

Short-term goal focuses therapy can be highly effective at removing painful symptoms that may cause anxiety or depression and disrupt individual functioning. However, overall wellbeing and good health are made up of a lot more than just the freedom of symptoms. There are usually deeper underlying causes to our issues that are embedded into our early life and are generally concealed to our conscious awareness. Individuals may enter into therapy with some specific expectations and goals in mind, and then through the therapeutic process they find themselves dealing with issues they haven’t thought of, and uncomfortable areas they weren’t aware of. In these situations, a more in-depth orientated and long-term psychotherapeutic approach can be helpful.


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Adriana Seifertova