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Temples of Light

Temples of Light

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The practitioners and healers at Temples Light Healing Centre are very happy to be of service to you and welcome you to our bright, breezy and beautiful centre beachside of the rolling waves of Tugun beach.

Temples of Light

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Traditional Chinese Medicine has two major treatment modalities - Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. In a treatment session the acupuncturist uses fine needles to move the energy (Qi) of the physical and subtle bodies via specific acupuncture points and meridian pathways to the internal organs, muscles and glands. A treatment protocol is based on the disease processes with its presenting patterns of dysfunction according to the diffierential diagnossis of TCM,

Steve Squires is a registered acupuncture practitioner of the ancient refined healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and also can provide traditional chinese herbal preparations which are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act) approved for your ongoing healing.

Healing Services
Judi Khan offers the healing services of spiritual healing, meditation and massage for health and wellbeing. Gai Christine in her healing session with you, uses a trinity of a vibrational liquid crystal remedy programmed especially for your current health need, a tarot reading to flesh out the causes of your current situation and short spiritual healing.


Massage is very much a hands on approach to health and wellbeing to relieve stress and pain from blockages of Qi in the muscles, tendons and sinews of the body. A firm fluid pressure along muscle bodies and meridian pathways with deep pressure on stubborn areas of tension shift stuck energy so it may flow freely through out the body.

Spiritual Healing

"To heal and awaken the angel that you are."

Spiritual Healing draws on natural universal energy of the Etheric Field to heal and restore into balance our body, soul and spirit. This universal energy of light and love links the smallest atom of nature to the mightiest of planets. As our own aura becomes more finely vibrating it will blend into this pulsating energy.

Universal energy can be known as God or divine light and love or by other names in Quantum physics. No matter the name there is a recognition of a greater loving energy which can assist humanity especially in times of trouble and it is this that spiritual healers connect to.

The Spiritual healers act as a channel for the healing energy which is felt on all levels of our being. Through invocation the healer attunes her own auric energy to the Etheric Field. It comes through her not from her. She will scan you with her hands to locate areas of low or blocked energy. She will then use magnetic healing - hands on the body - or radiatory healing - hands above the body - to transmit this Universal energy. How long the healer spends on each area is determined by the continuance or decrease in the flow of energy received.

During the healing session she will also balance the seven main energy centers of the body, known as chakras and cleanse the aura.

Spiritual healing is recommended for those who are in emotional, mental and physical pain and distress and feel blocked and disconnected. It is also a gentle way of healing children to bring them peace and calm.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is a spiritual practice using control of the breath, to relax the body, calm the emotions and still the mind. By withdrawing consciousness to our heart center, the centre of the love vibration within us we are lead to a place of inner peace and love through reconnection to our essential Self - the divine soul light within. With constant practice meditation unifies our body, soul and spirit so we become a fully integrated human being.

For the beginner this may be felt more as a way to reduce stress and learn to relax but with constant practice we strengthen the core of our own healing power, and move to more peaceful living. Then as our heart center continues to open we treat ourselves and others with joy, love, respect, kindness and compassion, and all the kingdoms of nature. We strengthen our connection to the Universal healing energy of Love and Light.

With increased light we begin to recognise the Christ Light within, express our Buddha nature and develop our Angelic consciousness.

In the meditations, while sitting under the pyramid, a beautiful temple in itself, you will be guided through songs, music and words to direct your focus.

MEDITATIONS FOR EVERYONE are held every Monday at 6pm and Mondays to Fridays at 10am and will be suitable for the beginner and for the more advanced meditator. A $5 contribution will be appreciated.

MEDITATIONS FOR HEALTH focus on a specific chakra and its associated glands and organs followed by a mini healing. This will assist with the release of negative mental and emotional imbalance which may be lodged there. e.g. HEALING THE HEART CHAKRA - Releasing past and present relationship pains and hurts to allow the abundance of love to be expressed. HEALING THE ROOT CHAKRA - The first step is by Raising our consciousness to understand the ‘root causes’ of our imbalances and stand in the energy of Self-responsibility.

Liquid Crystal Remedies

Gai Christine, a healer and channel of spirit, is a qualified practitioner of Liquid Crystal Remedies having been inaugurated ten years ago by Justin Moikeha Asar, who channelled the wisdom through the Master Crystal Devas of the sixty six crystals chosen for remedies. She works extensively with her unique therapy and prescribes a dose bottle of Vibrational Liquid Remedy programmed exactly to the need to each consultation. She adds to this an intuitive reading to get to the understanding of the issues which triggered the reason for the consultation and follows this with a spiritual healing.

The remedy is a natural earthly based vibration administered by mouth over a duration of nine days and facilitates support in many diverse ways healing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of ourselves, and the continued healing and clearing well after an appointment.

This wonderful study of 'The Science of the Stars' shows how the energies of the planets, the houses in which they fall and the consequences of how they are playing out in the everyday world impact upon your own natal configuration and explains what is going on in the global arena.

When there are a minimum of three people interested to pursue this study a new course will commence so please register your intent by contacting Judi on 0403 186 643

Visiting lectures present here regularly and Chandra Easton will be here from the 1st - 3rd August and will be available for Esoteric Astrology teaching as well as casting birth charts and your Chart for the year ahead. Using your birth chart, Chandra outlines your unique soul's journey in this and other lifetimes through the astrological lens.

Janette is an intuitive reader who brings you both into a protected space so that she can act as a channel for the messages from your spiritual guides and helpers. She is honest and caring to assist in any messages or insight to help you understand your life situation, and with this understanding to allow you to move forward in life. She is ever humbled by the grace of guides who come to be with you.

Janette also has an affinity to animals and can intuitively connect with them to bring their non-verbal messages to you. For an animal reading please bring a photo and/or a personal item.

Intuitive or psychic reading and healing is the playground of both quantum physicists and mystics and it can have a solid basis in reality. It does not matter whether we understand how it works or not, the purpose is to give us useful outcomes for guidance or understanding of issues.

A half hour reading will be $30 which Janette will give on Thursday which is her day here at the Centre. She can come in on other days by mutual arrangement.

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