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Specialising in providing a professional Iridology Service to the people in Mildura.

Teresa Crisp - Iridology

Servicing area

Mildura, Ouyen, Robinvale (Victoria), The Riverland (South Australia) & Broken Hill (New South Wales)

Focus areas

Dietary management Makeup Quadscan Metascan Microbiome sampling Lifestyle

Iridology is the study of the iris, or coloured part, of the eye. This structure has detailed fibers and pigmentation that reflects information about our physical and psychological makeup.

It identifies inherited dispositions (how our body reacts to our environment and what symptoms are most likely to occur), risks (what areas or organ systems are more likely to have symptoms) and future challenges (where we are likely to have more problems as we age).

Iridology helps identify inherited emotional patterns, which can create or maintain physical symptoms, as well as identify lessons or challenges and gifts or talents available to us. There is no other system of analysis, which provides all this type of information nor in this much detail.

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4 Services


Naturopathy Nutrition
$70 Per hour

Using herbs, diet, nutrition and lifestyle to improve health.


Naturopathy Nutrition
$70 Per hour

fat, muscle and water analysis. Great for weight builders and weight loss as well as general health optimization.

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