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Tess Graham and BreatheAbility

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Tess Graham and BreatheAbility

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Do you have faulty breathing?

The answer is yes if you:

  • snore, gasp, wake with a dry mouth

  • breathe through your mouth, breathe fast, breathe with your upper-chest

  • have chronic nasal/sinus congestion, get puffed easily

  • sigh or yawn a lot

  • have panic attacks.

About us – BreatheAbility®

At BreatheAbility International we specialise in breathing education and training – for individuals, groups, audiences, workplaces, sporting teams and health professionals. Our mission is to help people to breathe better, thereby relieving anxiety and improving their health, wellbeing and sleep and reducing their reliance on medications, surgery and appliances.

Tess Graham has spent over two decades studying how people breathe, uncovering the essential principles of good breathing and applying them in the simplest way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Her unique style of breathing training is easy, doable for busy people and requires no equipment. Tess has delivered breathing retraining to over 6000 people, including achieving within a clinical trial, the extraordinary outcome of 96% reduction in the need for bronchodilators in chronic asthmatics

About Me

I work with people who struggle to breathe easily, because of asthma, nasal congestion, chronic cough, sleep apnoea or gripping anxiety and panic attacks …  or whose snoring is depriving them (or some-one else!) of quality sleep.

People come to me when they are frustrated with treatments that are uncomfortable, or do not give lasting relief, or they are concerned with side-effects; or they crave a simple, natural and effective approach that gives them back control.

I help them resolve a problem that underlies ALL these conditions – a disturbance in their physiology, brought about by an abnormal pattern of breathing.

I give them the tools to change the way they breathe … to breathe how a calm, healthy person does:  through the nose, slowly, gently, silently, satisfyingly – all day and night. Then their blood and brain chemistry is balanced and their body functions as it was designed to.

I have a degree in anatomy and physiology and a 35+ year background in physiotherapy. I have a diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method from Moscow. Since 1993  I have had a clinical practice in Canberra dedicated entirely to breathing retraining. I have helped more than 6000 men, women and children to achieve quality sleep, boost their energy and lower their risk of serious health issues by improving the way they breathe. I have developed a Sports Performance Enhancement program and worked with many elite athletes.

Buteyko Method

The Buteyko method of breathing retraining was developed by Ukranian-born physician and researcher, Professor Konstantin Buteyko in the 1950s. It is based on his decades of research and clinical practice. Professor Buteyko put together a package of practices that work synergistically to normalise dysfunctional breathing. Buteyko’s method is succinct, potent and scientifically sound. In the hands of a skilled teacher it gives a systematic and reliable means of achieving and maintaining healthy breathing. (It is also known as the Buteyko breathing technique.)

Tess was a member of the research team for the Western world’s first clinical trial (1) of the Buteyko method of breathing retraining. She was also the practitioner who taught the Buteyko method to the intervention group-the ‘Buteyko group’. At the three-month follow-up point, this group achieved a 96% average reduction in the need for asthma relief medication compared to no significant change in the ‘Control group’ who were on a standard, conventional asthma management program.

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